Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big N5 of the Week - Guns, Wii U's, and Kirbys Everywhere!

Our new news feature, depicting the top 5 best Nintendo stories from around the web. Updated every Sunday. Is your body ready?

5. Rumor: Leaked Microsoft document revealed Wii U price tag?

An apparent leaked Microsoft document describing the next gen Xbox, also had some stuff to say about the Wii U. The document described that the Wii U will cost $250, and being first in new console train line could "defend [Nintendo's] success in broad gaming segments" and "further erode console differentiation" by matching console hardware specs with PS3 and Xbox360. It was hard to say if the document was fake or legit, even though a $250 price tag is traditional for a Nintendo home console, but with the system being released with a gamepad controller, a $300 price tag would seem the most plausible. Unfortunately, the leaked document was soon taken down, so I can't offer any links.

4. Jimmy Fallon thought Wii U was just a new Wii. can watch it here. Thanks for adding more confusion to the already confused casual market that thinks this is just a new Wii accessory, Jimmy. The system needs all the help it can get.
3. Keldeo Resolution form Revealed. 

Teased on Tuesday in a magazine scan, Keldeo's new form was finally revealed this week showing off a more gutsy form of the newest Event Pokemon. According to Serebii Keldeo can only change form in B/W2 in Sangi Town while Terrakion, Virizion, and Coballon are in your party, and when Keldeo knows the move Secret Sword. Like the new form? Hate it? Tell us what you think!
2. Kirby 20th Anniversary Game Line-up revealed. 

Good news for Kirby fans: Kirby's 20th anniversary will not be in vain. The pink puffball's next foray will be a collection of his finest games for the Wii: Kirby's Dream Land (Game Boy) Kirby's Adventure (NES) Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Game Boy) Kirby Super Star (SNES) Kirby's Dream Land 3 (SNES) Kirby 64 (Nintendo 64), and will feature an on-disc history calender, a compilation CD, and some games will even include bonus content and new levels. It's every fan's dream collection of Kirby games all rolled into one! Happy birthday, Kirby; may your games live on for many, many more anniversaries!
1. Miyamoto wants to make a FPS for the Wii U? 

Source: Kotaku. You heard right. The man behind Mario and Zelda wants to someday make a FPS akin to Doom and Call of Duty for the Wii U. "I actually do kind of want to make a first-person shooter," he says, "but I don't have time." And also went on to specifics as how he'd make a FPS: "Rather than necessarily the question of 'What kind of weapon do I have?' in a first person shooter or 'What kind of effect does that have on an enemy?', I think that the structure of a first-person shooter is something that's very interesting," he said through a translator. "Having that 3D space that in theory you are in and being able to look around and explore that—particularly being able to do that in conjunction with another person—is very interesting." If anything it will not be your typical affair of a FPS, as shown how Miyamoto put his own spin on the RTS genre with Pikmin. Whenever he does decide to make a FPS, or whatever he does with the genre you can be rest assured that it will be like nothing we've played before.

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