Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nintendo DS/DSi 2010/2011 lineup

Written by pikaby

With 3DS looming in the horizon, the humble DS still wants to prove that it can still be everyone's favorite portable long after its successor takes the market by storm. And it will, with Pokemon B/W I'll be occupied for years....just kidding. Here's its lineup for this year and the next. Release dates quoted are for the JP region.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (Nintendo) October 28 2010
Super Fossil Fighters (Nintendo) November 18 2010
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem (Nintendo) December 2 2010
(followed by two Japanese games which I have no idea of)
Radiant Historia (Atlus) November 3 2010
Motto! Stitch! Rhythm de Rakugaki Daisakusen! (Disney) November 18 2010 (apparently Stitch is still big among Japanese kiddies)
Cute Kittens DS 3 (MTO) November 25 2010
Craft Mama (Office Create) November 11 2010
(perverted witch-touching game)
Okamiden: Chiisaki Taiyou (Capcom) September 30 2010 (wow. That close?)
(6 Japanese games that comprise of either anime licensed games or stuff no one cares about)
Power Pro-kun Pocket 13 (Konami) November 25 2010
Dog/Cat Animal Hospital (Columbia Music Entertainment) October 28 2010
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (Square Enix) October 7 2010
Four Heroes of Light (Square Enix) 2010-2011 winter
(another game no one cares about)
Sonic Colors (Sega) November 18 2010
(someone tell me what this one is)
Bakugan Battle Brawlers DS (Sega) December 9 2010
Fushigi no Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 5 (Chunsoft) December 9 2010 (where's our Gen 5 PMD game, Chunsoft? :3 )
Metal Fight Beyblade (Hudson) December 2 2010
(two more uninteresting ones)
Super Robot Taisen L (Bandai Namco) November 25 2010
(three more Japanese-market games)
Kirby (working title) (Nintendo) 2011 (yes, yes, YES! I'll get on tracking this right away)
Battle and Get! Pokemon Typing DS (The Pokemon Company) 2011
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2 (Capcom) Spring 2011

And there you have it. Admittedly the DS is lacking a lot of powerful releases, and most of these games seem to cater to the Japanese and for people with special interests (how many people want to play yet another land-conquering/robot/monster battling/anime girl game?), but the final three games, plus Okamiden and Golden Sun, made the rest of the list utterly insignificant. New Kirby DS game? New Pokemon game? Miles Edgeworth 2? Sign me up!

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