Friday, April 15, 2011

Atsumete! Kirby Famitsu scan!

Click to view full scan. Source: Kirby's Rainbow Resort

It's Kirby and the Amazing Mirror all over again. Kirby split up into many different bodies by an evil villain- we've all heard this one before. This time instead of four, we now have ten of the little pink critters to manage! The game takes place on the bottom screen with the top one showing just your scores and menus and stuff. And you don't just control one Kirby while the remaining 9 are handled by uber-dumb AI- you can take control of all ten at the same time and handle problems, enemies and puzzles in a group, using the touch screen!

No Copy Abilities though- looks like Kirby's plunging into another new territory of gameplay. Release date? Not announced at the moment, but the scan says Atsumete! Kirby should be out within this year.
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