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pikaby's Flipnote Feature- August 15, 2010

Written by pikaby

A bit late today, but I'm here nonetheless! Which flipnotes have I brought in today?

The one above will break my (personal) record of most stars I've ever seen on one flipnote ever. Stranger Danger! by kirbycool, right now has about 990000 stars, and it doesn't seem to be stopping! If this goes through it'll be the first flip I see with a million stars. The DSi's star counter is gonna break from the overload.

And all those stars are well deserved- this is a really original and hilarious flipnote not based off an internet meme or lame star-begging, a rarity these days. It's from a comic of the creator's friend. Read his description for the full story! What's it about? I'd rather you go watch it for yourself- it's something I won't spoil, but take my word for it- this is the best flip anyone's seen in ages.

PC link:

DSi command code: B right Y Y L Y R right right up

On to the next one.

It's no secret- the spin-off system is abused so many times by star beggars it's almost not funny anymore. To avoid plagiarism, Hatena introduced a feature to report flipnotes that were stolen/contain inappropriate comment. However, the reward for doing so is one green star, which again makes it the targets of the same flipnote-stealing noobs, their goal remaining the same, to collect as many colored stars as possible by unscrupulous means for god-knows-why. The number of stolen flips has indeed reduced (no more 'School- Seven crappy hours of our lives' garbage anymore, which is a godsend), but perfectly fine flipnotes have also been deleted as a result.

With the name Fred and the helium singing voice, this song, denouncing false reporters sounds like it comes from the famous 'Fred from Youtube'. It's really easy to make a helium voice in Flipnote Studio though, so this could be anyone. Still, the message is clear- getting rid of crooks and exploiters on Flipnote Hatena is much tougher than anyone expected.

Want to listen to it? Here:

Or here on your DSi: Down left down L L Y L B left Y

Now, the last one~

Surprisingly, 'kawaii' flipnotes like this aren't easy to find, and those that aren't based off a music video of any sort are even more elusive (seriously, lay off the Justin Bieber). So it's really refreshing and heartwarming to see this effort, made by Namine. The sun is sad and lonely and every planet it wants to hug burns up. At the end it almost looks like it was going to cry. It's almost too adorable to bear! The sound effects were recorded from Chao voices (the cute blue things from Sonic Adventure), which makes it even more unbearably cute. A must-see.

To see this, click here:

And here on your DSi: Up X up R right R A L L B

And that's my triple play for this week. A bit of an announcement- I'm taking next week off since I'm moving to another state (university classes start soon!) so there shall be no flipnote feature next week! But fret not, for I will be back! Later, on the next frame.
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