Monday, February 25, 2013

My 5 Wishes for the Next Pokemon Game

Gen VI is coming, and with it, a doozey of new features, and awesome Pokemon we can complain about because they're Japanese exclusives, are soon to follow. But hopefully, Game Freak takes a hint from the fans and improves more of the series' past irks. Things like...

5. More ways to find past Gen Pokemon

 Gotta' catch them a-ah-AH-AAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Anyone who has ever tried to complete their Pokedexes (*Raises hand*) should know how strainous and tedious the whole endeavor is. Every new Pokemon game(s) have offered help in the form of region outbreaks, sure, but it's still not enough. Safari Zones didn't help matters too much and you still can't obtain a lot of the last gen Legendary Pokemon without going on the GTS or be present in Japanese Events- gamers new to the series are going to have a hard time collecting all the Pokemon at this rate. We need another way to catch Pokemon- something exciting- I'll call it the "Nostalgia Park", where you can catch past gen Pokemon by the PC box full, until time runs out; even if you can only catch Pokemon of the uncommon variety it will help. Or, just add more outbreaks. We can't always rely on Toy's-R-Us to get rare Event Pokemon. And speaking of which...

4. Release Event Pokemon WORLDWIDE (Not just in Japan)

"No, no, too tentacle hentai eccentric for America, give them a shiny Bidoof instead."

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are going to be the first games in the series to be released worldwide on the same day. So why should everywhere settle for just the games when Japan continually gets exclusive Pokemon thereafter? Distribution of Event Pokemon in America (And Europe. Not trying to diss you guys) is ridiculous at best. Didn't pre-order your game at Wal-Mart? Well then you don't get Jirachi, go back home to yo momma, boy!! Some can argue the point of Event Pokemon is to have something valuable no one else has, but is that fair? You can't even trade Keldeo over wi-fi let alone the fact that you don't live near a Toy's-R-Us store. If Japan wants a shiny Victini, then by all means do, but can't we have at least a non-shiny version? PLEASE????

3. Improve the GTS already!

 GTS: Showing you how awful people are all over the world since 2008!

The GTS was introduced in Pearl/Diamond versions 5 years ago. Since then we've had four new Pokemoniterations (I'm counting two seperate versions as one), and it has not improved since. You still can only request one Pokemon at a time, view a measly six people per page, and the server is a breeding ground, A BREEDING GROUND, for trolls who will ask for Lv. 9 Reshirams and Zekroms. This needs to stop. The GTS needs to burned and built from the ground up. It needs improved features, more userfriendly search options, and for the love of Arceus hire moderators and stop this trolling. 

2. More Alternate Evolution forms + New Types.


Excluding Eevee, the number of Pokemon that have alternate evolution forms can be counted on one hand, which is disappointing. Gen VI has already confirmed new alternate forms, so this is a perfect opportunity for experimenting. How awesome would it be to choose what type(s) your starter Pokemon would be when it evolves? While we're on the topic of evolutions, isn't it about time Kangaskhan got a pre-evolution already? Where the heck did it get that baby?!

Also, why hasn't there been a new type since Gen II? The current elementary types are fine, but we need more. Light and sound types anyone? Come on, use some creativity! Just don't make Fennekin's evolution Fire/Fighting is all I'm saying.

1. Introduce something completely new.

It's a secret to everyone.

Pokemon has always been improving to make the core gameplay more interesting: Gen II gave us held items and Pokemon breeding, Gen III introduced double battles, Gen IV let us trade worldwide (for better or worse), and Gen V took a bigger leap by offering 150 new Pokemon and gave us Triple Battles. Gen VI needs to carry on the torch and offer us something new. May it be Quadruple Battles, a new elemental type, or just improves past gen achievements (bring back Vs. Seeker dammit!), there needs to be something new to keep the series moving forward. 

Hopefully, the series will continue to offer new and exciting features to amuse our grandchildren and our grandchildren's children for generations to come.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Nintendo Direct Impressions.

Nintendo Directs are a funny thing now. It's not common that we see so many new game announcements before E3, yet now we've had three full Directs, showcasing more new games than I have fingers to count. It's probably overwhelming for anyone with a wallet, and especially those anticipating more games in E3, which will we. That's why I loved today's Direct. Sure, it announced more games (wallet: eeek!), but its focus on new DLC was the deal breaker. It wasn't amazing, BUT THAT'S OKAY. You can view the whole Direct here:

And without a further's what we thought about it: 


Luigi...wake up! You're the star now! 
Year of the Luigi: Luigi has always been something of a second fiddle gag for the Mario series, but this year Luigi is starring in no fewer than three games, as a great aspect in-game than just a supporting character. Seeing Iwata sporting a Luigi hat is probably the best justice for the Green caper. Better hang onto Peach, Mario, Luigi is the new man in the house! 
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D: At first I was disappointed with a port of a Wii game instead of a brand new adventure, but the 3D affects blew me away- this game was made to be on the 3DS. If you have a 3DS, I recommend downloading and viewing the trailer from the Nintendo eShop. 
Mario & Luigi gets a fourth installment: Tweaking Luigi's nose forms a staircase in the hilarious new trailer for the fourth M&L installment: Dream Team. The sprites, a combination of Mario RPG and 3D Mario style graphics, are sure to please. And who wouldn't want to tweak Luigi's nose? 
Is your body Ready? 
Release Dates: HarmoKnight on March 28th, Animal Crossing New Leaf in June 9th, Pokemon Mystery dungeon and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon both released on March 17th, a Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate demo on February 21st, and many more 3DS games being released this Summer. Can you say: HELL YES? 
DLC done right: 80 full new levels for New Super Mario Bros. U?! More Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC maps at half price? This is how you do DLC. 
This makes somewhat sense now, maybe?

No mention of major titles: When are we going to see more NA screens for Project X Zone, or any other titles after the first Q1?  

Aren't Directs a little.................long?: It's great to watch Directs, but 40 minutes is still too long just to show a few new titles. Keep Directs shorter and avoid any more Miiverse updates- we had enough! 


This was a decent Direct that gave me what I wanted and left without too many teases. The 3DS got it's spotlight, and E3 is just 4 months away to deliver more. Well done. 

Happy Valentines, and have a great Luigi year, everyone!