Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- Combined moves

Written by pikaby

Now this is a prospect that's getting me very, very excited. In CoroCoro Special, released today, some moves used together in double and triple battles will produce combined, secondary effects in battle. This means when two moves are used by two different Pokemon, something else will happen. With so many different moves around, the possibilities are endless! What could they possibly come up with next?

The examples here are of three new moves, called Grass Oath, Fire Oath and Water Oath (all three are learnt by their respective Isshu starter-mon). Using Grass Oath followed by Fire Oath produces a field of fire that damages your opponents (produce the greenery, then burn it). Fire Oath first, then Water Oath creates a rainbow in the sky which boosts the secondary effects of your teammates' attacks (shoot fire, wet it, produce steam, then rainbow!) Instant Serene Grace effect, plus a nice little rainbow on screen (chack the scan). Using Water Oath followed by Grass Oath creates a wetland field that lowers your opponent's speed (wet the ground, throw greenery on it, wetland!).

Very, very nice. Can't wait to see more of this!

Cooking Mama arcade machine

Written by pikaby

Found this at a kids' arcade at some mall (Sunway Pyramid, if you're Malaysian and live in KL). Cooking Mama jumps out of her DS to haunt the world on a much larger scale. Obviously, the big screen is touch-sensitive.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- Battle Subway

Written by pikaby

A short clip this week on Pokemon Sunday, on the Battle Subway. Nothing new is revealed, aside from the fact that the BP system returns (could this mean that the Battle Subway is a small part of something bigger?), and at the end of a certain number of battles, presumably 21, the Subway Master will challenge you. It's like the Battle Frontier all over again, and it's good.

According to Pokebeach.com, the Sunday weekly show will play host to B/W info all the way to its inevitable release date, and the topic if interest next week is Pokemon Musicals. Hopefully it'll turn out to be less than pointless in its final form.

Samus' spaceship up for sale

Written by pikaby

Or, a rather handsome plastic model of the real thing being sold at Nintendo World. Samus' beautiful gunship can be yours for the princely sum of $250. If you're one of those Metroid fans who thought Other M wasn't so hot you could save your bucks for one of these instead of a copy of the game. And yes I am aware of the price difference.

Remember me?

Written by pikaby


Metroid Other M's very own meme-man, Anthony Higgins, is texture hacked in Brawl (using Snake's template) and made to chase Samus down. A heated love battle ensues.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pikachu DS Charger

Written by pikaby

Get it? Pikachu's an Electric-type and....oh, this joke is so overused. But this is definitely one of the Best. Accessories. Ever. I need me one of these! Seriously. So cute~

It comes out in Japan on September 18, which is exactly the launch date for Pokemon Black/White.

Nintendo 3DS: Positive after Positive

Written by pikaby

And it doesn't seem to be stopping. Since E3, the Nintendo 3DS has been the talk of the town and more. It seems every major developer had a good word or two to share about the 3DS and its wonderful, impressive, life-changing technology. A lot of these came from people who've worked with the original DS before, or developed games exclusively for Nintendo's systems, or some of the indie devs that have worked with Nintendo. This was an excerpt from the previous Nintendo Power

Goichi Suda (Suda 51) – President & director, Grasshopper Manufacture:

“My first impressions of it was, ‘This is the toy of the future.” You can feel just how far and how fast games have evolved when you see the Nintendo 3DS. We’ve entered an era where we can bring worlds that we can almost touch and feel to life. Thus far, 3D has only been expressed with 2D. I think we’ve graduated from that and reached an age of expressing real depth through 3D with the 3DS.”
Matt Bozon – Creative director, WayForward

“I’ve stood in line for a lot of Nintendo unveils over the years, but even expecting to be amazed, seeing the Nintendo 3DS in person induced a sort of visual shell-shock. The system is as hypnotic as Turkish Delight and looks like a Hogwarts newspaper. The demos that showed games, movies, and photography in the third dimension had to be seen firsthand to be truly appreciated, with elements popping off the glass or dipping into the distance. When my play time was over and the friendly (but strong) Nintendo lady wrenched the system away, my phone, laptop, and other devices became flat, boring wastes of Z-space by comparison. But what excites me the most about this fancy pants is that it’s in the hands of Nintendo, so the games are going to be as brilliant as the machine itself. Can! Not! Wait!”


Second big game conference in a row: PAX

Nintendo are on a roll. After having playable demos of their tantalizing fall lineup, they're doing it again at Penny Arcade Expo this year, with the same games. Hopefully, unlike Gamescom, there will be game trailers. I want a new Kirby's Epic Yarn trailer to drool over, dammit! And also, footage of Bit.trip Fate, which nothing is known about yet.

The PR email reads:
The upcoming Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle will give consumers their first-ever chance to play upcoming Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ games. Visitors to Nintendo’s booth (#352) will be able to get their hands on games such as Donkey Kong Country™ Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn™, GoldenEye 007 from Activision Publishing, Inc. and NBA JAM from EA SPORTS™. Fluidity, a new game for Nintendo’s WiiWare™ downloadable game service, will also make its debut at PAX.
Nintendo’s Fluidity combines an amazing physics engine that realistically models flowing water with innovative puzzle game play. Using the three forms of water – liquid, ice and cloud – players will solve challenging puzzles across multiple chapters of an illustrated magical book called Aquaticus. The game offers detailed tutorials that introduce basic game mechanics, but the complexity quickly ramps up as special powers are acquired and enemies are introduced, testing players’ reflexes and ingenuity.
PAX attendees will also be able to get their hands on Metroid™: Other M to see the seamless new perspective-switching first-person/third-person approach to this classic franchise. Visitors to the booth can also view one-of-a-kind costumes and props from the new Metroid: Other M television commercial in a special display area. Combining exploration, combat and a storyline that delves into the personal history of bounty hunter Samus Aran, Metroid: Other M launches on Aug. 31.
With so many video game fans converging in one place, PAX is the ideal place for players who already own DRAGON QUEST® IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies™ to gather to trade treasure maps or go questing together. Nintendo will provide DRAGON QUEST IX owners at the show with a special downloadable “Orgodemir” map via the game’s cooperative “Tag Mode” feature. Anyone who hasn’t yet purchased the game for the Nintendo DS family of systems can try it out at the Nintendo booth, and those looking to meet up with other players can do so at a special game-themed lounge in the North Lobby on level four of the PAX venue.
To receive treasure maps, players must have their Nintendo DS system running the DRAGON QUEST IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies game, set to Tag Mode. Once players reach the town of Stornway, they are able to access Tag Mode by talking to Erinn at the inn called “Quester’s Rest.”


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The most bizzare story in the world.

Writen by PF

No, this has absolutely nothing to do with Nintendo. It's a story about our forum, and the weird oddities it goes through on a daily basis.

This is the story of Pokefreak and Pikaby: The 5-Star Finale


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- Yanappu

Written by pikaby

Broccoli-head finally gets a name, official art, and confirmation that it isn't fake.


Wii Tablet not so ridiculous anymore

Written by pikaby

ROFLing over the absurdity that is the Wii tablet accessory made by THQ, currently  confirmed supports by only a bunch of casual drawing games? Shaking your head in disappointment? You can shut up now.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Old news- Shigsy was looking at Kinect on E3

Written by pikaby

Can't believe I missed this good bit amidst all the E3 excitement. Microsoft was demo-ing the Kinect, two people are waving around making a fool of themselves. Unknown to them, Mr. Gaming God himself was watching the whole charade. Can't see him? Squint a little. He's right next to Bill Trinen on the left.

*everyone turns to look* Oh, snap.

This is what Goldeneye looks like on DS

Written by pikaby

Now who was it that told me the Goldeneye remake was only for the Wii? Anyway, enjoy the shots!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Muramasa: The Demon Blade Review

By Johnny139

There's a lot of games around right now - I think that goes without saying. And there's one thing they all have in common... dimensions. Nine times out of ten, a game you buy will be in three dimensions - either in game style (a world you can explore in multiple directions) or in a purely graphical sense (where the plain remains flat, but the renderings are three dimensional). Muramasa is a rare exception. And DAMN is it pretty.

The game's strongest feature, without a doubt, are its graphics. It's done in a fantastic style; a mixture of Japanese anime, feudal Japanese art, and a classic ink-and-paper comic book, be it from the West or the East. This is a perfect way to avert the graphical limitations of the Wii. This game simply could not look better - because it's flat as a pancake.

I mean, seriously - this game is BEAUTIFUL. And that's a good thing, because you'll be back-tracking a LOT. Much like Metroid Prime, however, going back and forth through locations you've already seen isn't a chore. In fact, it's an experience. You see the gentle breeze through a field of wheat, watch the light filter gently through a bamboo forest, or track your way through the cold snowy mountain peaks. It's a joy, really.

Of course, you didn't spend your cold hard cash just to LOOK at it. Which is good, because the gameplay is solid beat-'em-up, with crazy combos and a nice simple RPG system. You can boost your strength and vitality, level up, and forge new, stronger swords, each with added abilities and attack (some deal Poison damage, others allow a windmill strike, and so on and so forth). There are two modes, an "easy" and "hard" mode. Easy is simple, no doubt - you simply need to spam your attack button to win. On the other hand, the hard mode can be a real challenge; conserving items and attacking with strategy is vital to success, against bosses in particular. The plot isn't particularly long - a few hours at best - but there are two stories, and each will last you a short while. I'd say it's worth the price, no doubt.

The plot is a bit hard to follow, for both the Momohime and Kisuke segments - motivations are vague and characters are rather flat. However, it FEELS epic; you traverse Japan slaying ninja and samurai, climb peaks and visit the underworld. But on the other hand, you can enjoy the simple pleasures - stop by a restaurant, buy a plate of sushi, and watch the little chunks of food disappear one by one while your character praises their meal. Cooking is similar - fill a pot with water, cook some cabbage, and eat up to heal. It's not something that seems fun... but somehow, it is.

Between the atmospheric music and amazing graphics, along with the undubbed Japanese voice track, gives it a very authentic Japanese feel. The enemies add to the feel - the aforementioned ninja and samurai, with goblins and kappa and so on and so forth. The variety of enemies isn't astounding - you'll fight the same squad of monks at least two dozen times - but the battles are quick enough to make this negligable.

All in all, Muramasa is a fantastic buy. It's not a terribly long game, and there's no multiplayer, but the storyline is enough to last you and the graphics will keep you coming back. I'd give it a.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wi Tablet

Written by pikaby

And on this week's episode of WTF Wii accessories....


Kirby's Epic Yarn dated!

Written by pikaby

And a whole lot more where that came from. Release dates for most of the games shown at E3 by Nintendo are announced!

• Metroid: Other M (Aug. 31)
• Samurai Warriors 3 (Sept. 27)
• Wii Party (Oct. 3)
• Kirby's Epic Yarn (Oct. 17)
• PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure (Nov. 1)
• FlingSmash (Nov. 7)
• Donkey Kong Country Returns (Nov. 21)

There's also mention of a new Bit.trip game, Bit.trip Fate, coming on the end of this year. Nothing else is known about it yet.

As for everyone's favorite handheld, here's the list of release dates.

• Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (Sept. 12)
• Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Oct. 4)
• Art Academy (Oct. 25)
• Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! (Nov. 14)

Super Scribblenauts is due October. Everyone set your calendars and prepare your wallets for another bashing- it's going to be an expensive holiday season. I already own both Pokemon games on this list in Japanese, but meh, I'll get them in English just for the heck of it. And heckle at a certain someone who thinks he can beat Guardian Signs' multiplayer mode by himself without facing any trouble.

October 17 for Epic Yarn, which was much sooner than I'd expected, and Flingsmash too, in early November. DKC Returns is released on my birthday. Lucky me :)

How much for that Pikachu in the window?

Found this in a craft shop. They give lessons on how to make figures with plaster of Paris, and apparently one person made this. It's not for sale, but there's a smaller Pikachu that's on sale. Me want.

Monday, August 16, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature- August 15, 2010

Written by pikaby

A bit late today, but I'm here nonetheless! Which flipnotes have I brought in today?


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy birthday, Flipnote Hatena!

August 12th marks the first anniversary of Flipnote Hatena's opening in the US and Europe! (don't look for Japan though, their 1st year has long passed us by) . If you're an avid user of Flipnote Studio, the bods at Hatena have got an anniversary contest planned out. By downloading a music template, you're given a blank slate with 140 frames to fill in with whatever you want, and 5 winners (5 each from US and Europe, totaling 10) will be picked to win colored stars!

And all participants will get the 1st Anniversary Creator's Room theme for free too. It's the Hatena frog...wearing a crown. Okay.

To join, read the details here. Download the music to your Flipnote Studio and start editing!

Worried about 3DS shovelware?

"Great, no my bedside table is going to have an iPhone, and iPad, and a Nintendo 3DS. I think the question for how much attention the new Nintendo hotness will get is, like always, based on software, on games. Is somebody going to be able to make the darn thing sing? Or is it going to be a shovelware extravaganza (but now in glorious 3D!). Nintendo makes insanely good first party stuff; we'll see if the rest of us devs can follow suit." - Ken Levine, President of Irrational Games

My eyes are trained on Ubisoft's publishing house, ready to burn it to the ground the moment Catz 3D comes out.


Metroid Other M Action Trailer

Written by pikaby

Credits to GameTrailers! Hopefully I can generate some hype for this game (myself included.)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Geek Mind

Written by pikaby


Hey look it's a Flash game that's actually kind of cool! Over 300 different levels, or screenshots, of games ranging from the popular to the obscure.  Of course I skipped past most of the non-Nintendo ones.... Just kidding! I wouldn't be running a games site if I knew so little. I got the gold medal on my first try- it's not that hard if you know a decent number of games. Some really obscure ones show up too. You get quite a sense of accomplishment when you solve those. Oh god I really am a geek, aren't I? Lol.

The only complaint I have is that the music stops looping, giving you a game with sound effects and nothing to complement them in the back after about 30 rounds or so. It's a shame- the music was chiptune-tastic

How high can you score?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nintendo to attend Gamescon

Written by pikaby

For the usually xenophobic Nintendo, attending many games conventions to show off their goods hasn't been one of their strong points. This just in though- Nintendo wants to change that. It's attending the Gamescom convention a week from now, and they're showing off stuff for some of their most anticipated games there! Hopefully some new trailers- I can't wait to see more of Skyward Sword and Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Here's the official Nintendo announcement.

Anticipated new releases including The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword featuring Wii MotionPlus and Metroid: Other M playable on show floor
Nintendo will kick off this year’s gamescom trade fair in Cologne on 18th August with a mixture of traditional classics and innovative games. Offering something for everyone, Nintendo’s booth at gamescom will be dedicated to games that will certainly cater for all tastes. From legendary franchises like Mario and Zelda to the exciting and innovative Wii Party, Nintendo offers a range of titles to get family and friends playing together all over the globe.
Charles Martinet – the voice of Nintendo’s plucky plumber, Mario, and many other Nintendo characters for more than 20 years, will be present at the show, where guests can play all of the Mario games that have ever appeared for Wii and Nintendo DS, including the latest cosmic funfest Super Mario Galaxy 2. Visitors to the Nintendo stand will not only be able to get their hands on an exciting range of upcoming game titles – including The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Metroid: Other M, Donkey Kong CountryTM Returns, Wii Party and many others – but popular TV celebrity Tim Feldner will be on hand to provide fun and excitement.

In fact, anyone planning on visiting the Nintendo booth in Cologne can look forward to an altogether engaging experience playing some of the most fun and exciting games in motion- and handheld gaming from both Nintendo and third-party publishers on Wii and Nintendo DS. Nintendo-published games available to experience on the showfloor include....

Okay that's enough of that, it's a long article, and from the front paragraphs we pretty much know what they'll be showing- bombshell after bombshell of what made their show at E3 this year so successful. All the core games that fans want! Metroid Other: M and Skyward Sword will definitely hog the show, but don't forget everything else!

I was hoping for a mention of Flingsmash though. Please don't make it too obscure.

Pokemon Black/White- Gameplay video 2

Written by pikaby

Munna vs. Swana, then Kurumiru vs. Chiramii, then Shikijika vs. Munna, then Koromori+Kibago vs. Gochiruzeru+Mamanbou. Four battles, and the Pokemon's creis are clear as day. Swana actually doesn't look so bad anymore :)

Hope there's a way to speed up the battle text in the final product- it's the one thing that always irks me.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Which Wii Zelda game sold the most?

Immediate thought? There only one Wii Zelda game right? Wrong.


The Man with the Golden Classic Controller

Written by pikaby


Yesterday I commented (in the forums) about a rumored add-on Classic Controller for the Wii Goldeneye remake, which was coated in gold. It's rumor no more.  The golden Classic Controller is indeed going to be packaged with Goldeneye Wii.

Though it's not half as garish as the picture I found yesterday....So then, what do we make of the other picture, the mock-up golden Wii Zapper?

Oh well, we've got lots of time to wait.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- Tabunne

Written by pikaby

More pictures from the ongoing Pokemon Black/White demo reveal more new Pokemon, including this little cutie, Tabunne, in the picture below (pink bipedal critter, not to be confused with Munna)

Basurao, a fish Pokemon, and Darumakka, the fire type doll thing, have also been confirmed through these shots.

There are details on moves, but I won't delve into those too much yet! (I'll save them for another day). Pokebeach did mention that the final CoroCoro issue before Pokemon B/W's launch will be out on September 15th, and will feature another Pokemon document, called the 'Black Document'. Can't wait!

My first Level 100 Pokemon, just today!

After 10 years since I started playing Pokemon, finally, FINALLY I get one of them bloody critters to the highest possible level by my own training. It's a Shiny Togekiss! Before you call hax, I only hacked the aesthetic parts. The shininess and Cherish Ball are of course, hacked.  The level, moves, nature, EVs, IVs and ability are NOT hacked. I trained this thing on my own till it was Level 100. Of course, I put in full EVs on Sp. Attack. That's the highest I've ever seen it go! (I don't train Alakazam, and my Porygon-Z's nature doesn't favor Sp.Atk, so don't get me started)

My other closest attempts at getting a Pokemon to Level 100:

Pokemon Crystal: Played till I reached and beat Red, my Feraligatr was Level 86. Then I got bored.
Pokemon Sapphire: Swampert was Level 88. I showered so much love on him too, he has like 26 contest ribbons and other miscellaneous ribbons on him. I even traded him to my Pearl version hoping to finally get him to Lv100, but didn't.
Pokemon Platinum: Got my Empoleon to a whopping Level 96, Manaphy to Level 91 and Porygon-Z to 93. I was genuinely thinking that I could create a Level 100 team this time. Then Soul Silver came out. Crap. Maybe I'll trade Empoleon over.

Anyway *phew*. Now to put Togekiss into my special Pokemon Box and call it a job well done.

Wii crap. Avoid.

Written by pikaby

I don't usually highlight a piece of shovelware, nor do I usually hold any prejudices about a game before I play it (well, except anything with 'Call of Duty' in their titles), but seeing this title just takes the biscuit.

I mean, this just postively reeks of Wii Fit cash-in. Four of the most generic words ever to use for a Wii game, and they're all mashed into one completely boring minigame collection involving the Balance Board. Could the title be any more uncreative? Family Party: Fitness Fun. It wouldn't matter a single jot if you called it Family Fun: Fitness Party, Family Fitness: Fun Party, Party Family: Fun Fitness or Complete Bore: Pure Crap.

I don't even have to own the game to know that it sucks. With Nintendo finally beginning to realize that the Wii has to grow out of the 'casual audience' and appeal to core gamers just as well, and with Wii Fit so far behind us, isn't it time to stop pushing out turds like this and focus on developing real games?

The sad thing is, there are so many similarly titled games on the market right now and none of them seem to stand out from one another. If it doesn't have 'Sports' in the title, it'll surely have 'Family' in it. Or maybe 'Games', 'Fitness', 'Exercise', 'Motion', or any combination of the ten or so genero-words people use to make their Wii shovelware. This is how bad the situationwas, and still is. It's a stigma the Wii will never grow out of to its dying day, sadly.

Avoid. Just buy Wii Fit Plus- you'll have a much better time with it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

GoNintendo pushing sex drugs

Written by pikaby

Note: Real gonintendo.com (the esteemed Nintendo fansite) not involved in any way.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature- August 8, 2010

Written by pikaby

It's regular flipnote updates week! What flips will we see today?


Pokemon Black/White New Pokemon! 7 Part 2

Written by pikaby

Updates coming in fast as the August CoroCoro is being torn apart three days before official publication date!


500th blog post!

Written by pikaby

Huzzah for pointless self-achievement blog posts. 0.5k for Nintendo 5-Star and counting!

Pokemon Black/White- New Pokemon! 7

Written by pikaby

Right on the day I come back from my short vacation, before I know it it's mearly August 11. CoroCoro day. Also, new generation 5 Pokemon day. No high quality scans yet, but prepare to get excited for Pokemon Black/White, again, one last time before its release next month.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who's that deer Pokemon?

Written by pikaby

Shikijika! Exclusive footage from legendarypokemon.net. Wow, it's been nothing but good Pokemon news day after day. You don't get that excited for many other games when there's not much on the horizon yet.

Apparently it used Energy Ball in battle. Grass type?

Following the few short snippets of battles the video shifts focus towards the (still pointless) Pokemon Musical mode. I'd laugh if there wasn't a way to follow the rhythm and have your Pokemon dance the way you want them to.

Pokemon Black/White Ad

Written by pikaby

There's something wrong with the ad's setting- why are potential recording devices allowed in a cinema? (even if it is a craptacular camera like the DSi) And don't people go to the cinema to like, watch movies? Not playing on their DSes.

Anyway, this C Gear stuff is slowly starting to clear up. When it said you could help other Trainers, it means that one way of doing it is by sending them potions and stuff. While you're not battling and the other person is. Handy, for younger players with tons of friends. It also shows the Live Caster being used through the C Gear.

And Reshiram/Zekrom's poses at the end were to die for...if that were the game's opening...Yeah I know, unlikely.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ArtStyle: Light Trax review

Written by pikaby

A trippy arcade-style experience that perfectly defines the racing genre


Pokemon Black/White- All-new Pokemon really is all-new

Written by pikaby

Article link

There shall be no old Pokemon in Pokemon Black/White.

I think this should go without saying, but of all the positive changes Game Freak has made to Pokemon Gen 5 thus far, this....this is the best one they've ever pulled off. No more Zubats in caves, no more Tentacools in the sea, no more Magikarp bothering your fishing rod. No more using Machop as the HM slave. If you miss the old Pokemon you can trade them over after you reach the ending, but from the start of the game until that point it's going to be completely fresh, completely new. Truly magical. THANK YOU.

Okay, so it does have a few drawbacks....Pokemon's most popular mascot, Pikachu, won't be in the game. And this also ends the trend of inventing new baby Pokemon/new evolutions (I guess they did realize that they went overboard with this during the Diamond/Pearl generation). And no more Ditto too. How the heck will I breed Pokemon without Ditto? (read: is lazy)

Now to start hating on the replacement super-common annoying Pokemon.

Pokemon Black/White- Another leaked Pokemon

Written by pikaby

These are going to be in the August CoroCoro magazine, I can feel it. The new leaked Pokemon is the new 'caterpillar' Pokemon of Gen 5. 'Tis cute- it's already leagues ahead of Weedle and that stupid annoying thing Wurmple. Hopefully not a Poison-type. It'll probably wear out on me after I see it for the gazillionth time in the grass, but whatever. It's still a much better design. A half-eaten leaf for a hat- why didn't they think of this before?

Revealed together with it are the pictures for the unnamed swan Pokemon and the deer Pokemon, Shikijika.

Wait, doesn't Shikijika look familiar?
Yeah. See the resemblance? Shikijika really does look a lot like a pink Shellos. Oh yeah, and Victini's type is now known too.

It's a hybrid. Psychic/Fire type. That's the first time I've heard of it....potential number of weaknesses increased. The only advantage that I can see from this is that as a Psychic-type, Victini isn't weak to Bug-type moves, which is always a huge headache for them. He's gonna need some good moves and good stats if he wants to live up to his name as the 'Victory Pokemon'. Lol.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Best 5 Mario Galaxy 2 Moments

Written by pikaby

Don't ask what kept me, but I've only just barely, finished playing Super Mario Galaxy 2. Each and every galaxy had me in awe. No idea was recycled. Nothing felt like I had done it before. Galaxy 2 feels new from the start to the very end. And of course, picking out five of my top moments has to be one heck of a task, but here I go.


Wait for stocks to keep on rising, and...

Written by pikaby

...pray Nintendo's Wii2 and 3DS will sell even more. In case anyone thinks Nintendo's wonder shares are plastered with Mario faces and coins. Found on Kotaku.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monster Hunter Tri- **** censor ***** the game *******

Written by pikaby

Monster Hunter Tri's online system is phenomenal. It pioneers Friend Code-less online gaming for any of Nintendo's consoles, is free of charge for any region outside of Japan and is damn fun and compelling. That is, until.....


Nintendo missing out on developing nations

Written by pikaby

From the Kotaku article.

"It is true that not only those in Japan and the other developed countries in North America and Europe but also those in several countries with rapid economic development can afford more entertainment than before", he says. "And it is vital for our basic strategy of 'gaming population expansion' that more people in such countries as well as in Japan, North America and Europe, enjoy our video games and feel convinced to pay for them."

"Meanwhile, some in newly-emerging countries do not have an established custom of paying for software", Iwata continues. "We do wonder if the traditional business model of the video game industry will succeed in such regions. If we do totally different business there with cheaper services and software than developed countries, people in developed countries would have negative feelings toward us and say, 'why do we have to pay much more than those playing video games elsewhere?' This could be one of the biggest problems for us that would need to be solved. Needless to say, popularizing our video games throughout newly-emerging countries is indispensable for Nintendo's growth in the mid-and-long term. We will take enough time to work on it."
Just do it. We're not as dumb as you guys think. I'm from Malaysia and I own all of your current-gen consoles. It's all about whether you guys have the balls to market it to our region. It seems so far, none of you bothered. Just great. What do gamers from developing nations have to do to get cheaper games and consoles without importing from the US, huh?
These consoles may be old news to you, but they're not being sold to you. They're being sold to people who may have never owned a games console before, or may not even have really sat down with a video game before. They're not - for the most part (hardcore importers and long-time fans aside) - people accustomed to hardware generation shifts, or nuances with the RPG genre, or give a crap about who the developers of the latest Modern Warfare game are.

They're new. And Nintendo should be taking advantage of that! Repackage the Nintendo 64, or even the GameCube. Give them new cases, new names, and sell them cheap. Gamers in the West won't complain about the price, because they're old games, and gamers in these developing markets won't complain because they're getting cheap video games. And who cares if we think they're old? If they're new to someone else, they're new.


This was Kotaku's own comment, and it's EXACTLY THIS that has me fuming from the ears. Grrr.....I'll write a full blog tomorrow on this, explaining why.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- Demo Version

Written by pikaby

The ad on the bottom is quite a nuisance, but don't let that stop you from watching the gameplay footage, which shows battles with your two rivals, Belle and Cheren. From here we also know Mijumaru learns Revenge, and a new Water move called Shell Blade (you can tell it's a Water move because Pokabu got hit for super-effective damage). So that shell on his chest isn't just for decoration after all.

pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - August 1, 2010

Written by pikaby

Well, that was a long hiatus! Since I've only just come back I'll have two flipnotes this week, and try to get three for the next one. But for now, let's see what two flips are in the spotlight today.