Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The most bizzare story in the world.

Writen by PF

No, this has absolutely nothing to do with Nintendo. It's a story about our forum, and the weird oddities it goes through on a daily basis.

This is the story of Pokefreak and Pikaby: The 5-Star Finale

Everyone has an adventure sometimes. But what if that adventure is taking over a forum? A weird man called "The First Mate" is bent on killing each of Nintendo 5-Star's mods. As a green-clad knight named Turquy tries to fight him off, Pokefreak must try to find and save Pikaby from his evil clutches. Along the way, his rival, Crossburn, won't make things easy for him. And why can PF and Cross use their elemental powers without restrictions?

"You have had WAY too much Dr. Pepper." Raves CRAZ1ah.
"Our mutant children's teeth just fell out." Exclaims Pikaby
"It sucks." Shouts Johnny139
"PF, no offense, but you aren't allowed to write anymore." Stated DestinyGuy

Prepare for the strangest story ever to hit the internet. It is...
Pokefreak and Pikaby: The Five-Star Finale

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