Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- Another leaked Pokemon

Written by pikaby

These are going to be in the August CoroCoro magazine, I can feel it. The new leaked Pokemon is the new 'caterpillar' Pokemon of Gen 5. 'Tis cute- it's already leagues ahead of Weedle and that stupid annoying thing Wurmple. Hopefully not a Poison-type. It'll probably wear out on me after I see it for the gazillionth time in the grass, but whatever. It's still a much better design. A half-eaten leaf for a hat- why didn't they think of this before?

Revealed together with it are the pictures for the unnamed swan Pokemon and the deer Pokemon, Shikijika.

Wait, doesn't Shikijika look familiar?
Yeah. See the resemblance? Shikijika really does look a lot like a pink Shellos. Oh yeah, and Victini's type is now known too.

It's a hybrid. Psychic/Fire type. That's the first time I've heard of it....potential number of weaknesses increased. The only advantage that I can see from this is that as a Psychic-type, Victini isn't weak to Bug-type moves, which is always a huge headache for them. He's gonna need some good moves and good stats if he wants to live up to his name as the 'Victory Pokemon'. Lol.
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