Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wii crap. Avoid.

Written by pikaby

I don't usually highlight a piece of shovelware, nor do I usually hold any prejudices about a game before I play it (well, except anything with 'Call of Duty' in their titles), but seeing this title just takes the biscuit.

I mean, this just postively reeks of Wii Fit cash-in. Four of the most generic words ever to use for a Wii game, and they're all mashed into one completely boring minigame collection involving the Balance Board. Could the title be any more uncreative? Family Party: Fitness Fun. It wouldn't matter a single jot if you called it Family Fun: Fitness Party, Family Fitness: Fun Party, Party Family: Fun Fitness or Complete Bore: Pure Crap.

I don't even have to own the game to know that it sucks. With Nintendo finally beginning to realize that the Wii has to grow out of the 'casual audience' and appeal to core gamers just as well, and with Wii Fit so far behind us, isn't it time to stop pushing out turds like this and focus on developing real games?

The sad thing is, there are so many similarly titled games on the market right now and none of them seem to stand out from one another. If it doesn't have 'Sports' in the title, it'll surely have 'Family' in it. Or maybe 'Games', 'Fitness', 'Exercise', 'Motion', or any combination of the ten or so genero-words people use to make their Wii shovelware. This is how bad the situationwas, and still is. It's a stigma the Wii will never grow out of to its dying day, sadly.

Avoid. Just buy Wii Fit Plus- you'll have a much better time with it.

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