Monday, August 2, 2010

Monster Hunter Tri- **** censor ***** the game *******

Written by pikaby

Monster Hunter Tri's online system is phenomenal. It pioneers Friend Code-less online gaming for any of Nintendo's consoles, is free of charge for any region outside of Japan and is damn fun and compelling. That is, until..... realize the censorship system in the game bleeped out perfectly fine words, and left some ruder ones untouched. It's broken.

The most obvious one which most online players would have encountered at some point, the word 'after' is censored. For the love of God.....At first it doesn't make sense, but after checking out a few online forums did I realize 'after' is very close to the German equivalent of the word 'anus'. And this is the US version of the game....why? No one in this region speaks German, not any that I know of.

This word comes out spontaneously because it's such a commonplace word. 'After'. The entire game is in English and they didn't bother to recognize of this word in English online conversations? Why place more importance on the German meaning first? This is pure bull. And since I don't have a USB keyboard, all the extra effort I take to bring up the chatbox and use the tiny D-pad to scroll across Every. Painful. Stinking. Letter. goes to waste.

And then I found this on Gamespot.

'After this, let's go do the other quest' Guess what it becomes?
'***** this, let's go do the other quest'
*everyone leaves city*

Biggest fail misunderstanding ever.

Here's a few more words that shouldn't have been hit by the censor, but were.

Crap (you can argue all you want, but it's not vulgar language, for God's sake)
as  (it's a grammar thing. Not a misspelling of 'ass', which Capcom seems to think)
damn (but I can still say 'dammit' perfectly)
blitzkrieg (name of an in-game weapon. Seriously guys...)

There should be more of these lurking on the server. Guess I'll have to talk more to find them. Any stupidly censored words you found while playing MH3 online?


  1. That's another unreasonable one, though not as annoying as 'after'.

  2. Besides "after", "screw"/"sexy", certain spanish words are sensor well not all. "hell" as well. Put "fatass" or any words with ass will not be sensored until now.

  3. Compound words most likely of not being sensor unless they were b4 or affter.( sorry but who thought "after" consider a bad word.)afterlife