Monday, July 30, 2012

Big N5 of the Week - Mario! Monsters! Coins! Oh My!

Sir EggBeatr8 here to bring you another installment of the Big N5! The Olympics is the main going on, but let's see what's stirring up in the Nintendo universe!

5. Month of Mario! Virtual Console Mario games on sale for a limited time!
To celebrate the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2, Nintendo is offering VC Mario titles for a bargain price for limited times only! The titles and dates are as followed:
July 26 - Aug. 1 - Super Mario Bros. - $3.99
Aug. 2 - Aug. 8 - Super Mario Land - $2.99
Aug. 9 - Aug. 15 - Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins - $2.99
Aug. 16 - Aug. 22 - Mario's Picross - $2.99
Be sure to pick them up!

4. Rumor: Both Monster Hunters for 3DS may be coming to America. 
After an iffy forecast of speculation, a new light has finally formed about whether Monster Hunter Tri 3G and Monster Hunter 4 will be coming to the US - but it's a rumor. Someone with supposed inside info on the Capcom titles has stated the claim, but only time will tell if either title will be launched overseas. And where is that Professor Layton and Ace Attorney American release people are waiting for in all of this? Be sure to check in.

3. Indie RPG "Two Brothers" possible for Wii U/3DS eShop? 
"Two Brothers" is an indie action/adventure/role playing/nostalgia game being developed by AckkStudios, made into the style and texture of a Game Boy game. In an interview with the developer Brian Allanson this is what he had to say about the possibility of the games coming to the eShop: "I would never rule out the possibilities of porting the game to a Nintendo console, but I think I would rather create another game designed for those systems strengths." While it doesn't seem likely for this game to hit the eShop any time soon, another secret project entitled "Atlas" was confirmed for 2013. Brain did not say if it was a 3DS title, but he did hint at "3D" in the interview. You never know!

2. Ike confirmed as Fire Emblem: Awakneing DLC. 
Do you like Ike? Of course you do! Well you Fire Emblem fans will be glad to know that Ike will be appearing in the next Fire Emlem as priced DLC! Your enemies will tremble in fear of the mighty swing of your bl- wait, why is he so skinny?

1. Kirby 20th anniversary listed as $39.99 on Gamestop. 
Is this the official or the marked down price of Kirby's Anniversary Collection? If it's the latter, it would be a good time to snag this goodie!


Sorry to any readers that may be reading this, as I've been busy yesterday and could not for the life of me finish this on time, but the blog will continue as scheduled on Sunday. Hopefully.

Have a great week everyone!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Big N5 of the Week - I'm a-ridin' on a-pony!

Hello and welcome to another rendition of The Big N5!

5. HMV apologizes for the misleading 3DS XL ad. 
HMV has something to say about last week's embarrassing 3DS XL ad with a photoshopped second analog stick: "It's apparent this was just one particular store being a little over-enthusiastic - and the poster has been removed. If it's caused anyone any issues then we're sorry, but I'd say it doesn't take much to work out this doesn't represent the company's retail offer for this release." Thanks for being a good sport, HMV. Now don't go photoshopping a second screen on the Wii U control pad!

4. New Super Mario Bros. 2/Demon Training heading to Japan's 3DS eShop.  
Starting July 28, two downloadable games will be heading to the Japanese 3DS eShop: New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 4,800 Yen ($61) and Demon Training for 3,800 Yen ($48). Don't be alarmed by the high prices, since the American dollar is weak in Japan, and the American downloadable versions will be the same price as the physical copies. NSMB2 will be released in the U.S. on August 19th. Demon Training's release is TBA.

3. Nintendo claims Wii U will be important for the world. 
In a Gamasutra interview Iwata expresses how it's not all about being first in the console spotlight: "Being first in the next generation race is not important at all," he tells Gamasutra. "One of the reasons we believe this is the time for Nintendo to launch the Wii U is it's going to be important for the world." Later in the interview he discusses about the 3DS hardware sales, and the potential for the Wii to still produce more games, but didn't go into any specifics about the Wii U's price tag. He closes with this statement about graphics power: "We have not changed our strategy. In other words, we just do not care what kind of 'more beef' console Microsoft and Sony might produce in 2013. Our focus is on how we can make our new console different than [others]." Amen. Hopefully all three future systems can thrive in harmony.

2. My Little Epona T-shirt sells out on 
Bronies and Zelda fans alike got a nice treat this week when the 'My Little Epona' T-Shirt was up for sale on on Friday. Created by Julia "JellySnail" Whittles this adorable Zelda/MLP fancry to both fan services. It is sadly not available any more.   

1. 30 Obscure facts about Mario. 
You think you know Mario games? Well did you know that Goombas are called Kuribos in Japan? That Kamek was going to be a playable character in Mario Kart 64? Here's 28 more facts you probably didn't about your favorite plumber!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Big N5 of the Week - Batteries are running low!

Welcome back to another weekly installment of the Big N5. Let's get down to it to this week's latest news:

5. HMV ad shows 3DS XL with two analog sticks. 
Talk about false advertising. This HMV ad clearly shows a photoshopped second analog stick on the 3DS XL. Also, if you look close enough you'll see they also misspelled "Volcano" as "Vulcano". The 3DS XL is not coming with a built-in second analog stick any time soon, so please be good boys and girls and STOP COMPLAINING.


4. Bad Dudes getting a Kickstarter sequel.
Were you a bad enough dude to save the president in the 80's? Well thanks to Kickstarter you'll be able to do it all over again, because Bad Dudes 2 is in the making! If you're bad enough dude to fund it're a very bad good dude!


3. Wreck-It-Ralph star coming to Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed. 
The star of the upcoming Disney CGI film wreck-It-Ralph was revealed to be a playable characters in SEGA's sequel to All-Stars racing. View more images here and see how many other SEGA characters you can spot. (SPOILER: I see Shinobi!)

2. Unreal engine 4 will be scalable for Wii U.
Good news for those hoping for news on the Wii U's specs. An interview with Mark Rein Epic Games produced the following quote on what to expect with UE4 technology on the Wii U: "I'll state that I don't think it's our intention to bring Unreal Engine 4 to Wii U, but Unreal Engine 4 is going to be supremely scalable.

"We'll run on mobile phones and on a wide variety of things, so if a customer decides they want to port an Unreal Engine 4 game to Wii U, they could. But Unreal Engine 3 is a really good fit for that platform."
though it's undetermined if developers will even use this engine, it's great to know that the Wii U will not be too far behind graphics-wise in the next generation.

1. Ultimate 3DS XL battery test. 
How does the 3DS XL'x battery life compare to the other past gen Game Boy's and DS's? Watch this video and see for yourself. If you love to see the 3DS XL trounce the PS Vita this other video might just make your day. 

And that concludes for this week's Big N5. Join us next week as we hop on Yoshis' back and play English croquette in the London Olympics! (SPOILER: It's rigged for the Yellow Yoshi to win.)


Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Big N5 of the Week - Fox! Items! Final Destination!

The Big N5 returns this week with more Nintendo news! Let's get down to it:

5. Miyamoto wants Metroid and Star Fox on Wii U. 
Good news for Metroid and Star Fox fans: Miyamoto has recently quoted that he'd love to see these series on the Wii U. "With Metroid it's very easy to imagine some interesting implementation for Wii U. I think that having another screen with the gyro built in really gives you a lot of interesting opportunities for development, and we can bring a lot of our games to life in a completely unique way with that. I feel like the possibilities of the GamePad for Metroid could be really fantastic. There's certainly a lot that you could do there for that game." You can read the quote about Star Fox here. While this doesn't confirm anything yet, you can bet we'll be seeing these titles in the near future.

4. Club Nintendo yearly Gold and Platinum rewards revealed. 
If you were lucky enough to hit Elite status on Club Nintendo this year, you can choose a free item from an assortment of free games from Majora's Mask and Metroid II, to posters and playing cards. Most of the items are available for both Elite status members, so make sure to check it out and snag a free gift.

3. Majora's Mask Record breaking speedrun. 
In one playthrough a loyal gamer has beaten the speedrun of Majora's Mask by completing the game in just 6 hours 6 mins 26 secs. You can view his performance here if you have 6 hours to spend at least.

2. New Pokedex 3D Pro Japanese Trailer. 
new trailer for the upcoming Pokedex 3D Pro has been revealed via the Japanese Nintendo Channel. The updated application will feature no fewer than 727 Pokemon sprites with animations (No, it's not a Gen 6 preview, it's all the Pokemon and their alternative forms). Boasting also a new Challenge Mode to test your knowledge on Pokemon trivia and an updated AR viwer to view all the present Pokemon, Pokedex 3D Pro proves to be greatly improved from the last application. The application will be released in Japan on July 14, and a Fall release date is slated for everywhere else.

1. Mighty Switch Force HD announced for Wii U eShop.
View full image.
The 3DS eShop hit Mighty Switch Force is coming to Wii U eShop, courtesy of WayForward. With beautifully redrawn graphics, Wii U controller support (you can even play the game on the Wii U pad alone), and bonus new content, it's shaping up to be a completely new experience. The game is being aimed at the Wii U launch, so you won't have to wait long to play this beauty. Also worth noting that another WayForward title, Shantae, will be re-released on the 3DS Virtual Console! A release date has not been determined yet, but expect a release this summer.

 Thanks for reading and catch us back as Sunday; same place...hmm, maybe not the same time. Have a good one!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Have a Happy Fourth!

Not much has happened this last week, but never fret, as we'll be back next week to delve into what's hot in the world of Nintendo. And it's not just the weather!

Have a good week, everyone!

-Co-ed, EgBeatr8