Thursday, December 30, 2010

Comment issue solved

Written by pikaby

A quick site announcement. While I was doing some New Year's Eve cleaning up I found many comments, a lot of them perfectly fine ones, dumped into the spam box (including some of my own!). I've since brought them out of their misery and published them like they should be. Disqus needs to invest in more accurate spam detection.

Given, there are a few spam comments and advertisements which I will keep in the spambox for all eternity, but most of your comments on our blog posts should be visible now. It's a bit too late for me to respond to them all, so I hope you understand and I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

Scribblenauts' Japanese Trailer

Written by pikaby

The promotion video for Scribblenauts in Japan is now out. So, how do you make a game based entirely off English letters work in Japanese? Instead of a keyboard like both English games, the Japanese version has a real notepad for you to scribble letters on. I don't believe it...this is more Scribblenauts than the original Scribblenauts!

You can write in hiragana, katakana or English letters like in the original game. Could be good for Japanese players trying to learn English, and maybe for the other way around too.

Instead of 5th Cell, the developer behind the Japanese version is Konami. Oddly enough, the 5th Cell logo is still on the back of Maxwell's notepad.

Nintendo World 2011- more 3DS than you could ever want

Written by pikaby

From January 8 to 10, it's a 3DS bonanza as Nintendo finally lets the public (read: the lucky bastards who live in Japan) get their first hands-on on the magical handheld, together with a crapload of playable demos and other stuff!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pokemon Black/White US Release date official!

Written by pikaby

No more fake Gamestop dates, the official release date for Pokemon Black and White in the US is March 6 2010!

The official site revealed a handful of names in English, the same set seen on the Japanese site at this point.

Professor Araragi: Professor Juniper
Hiun City: Castelia City
Chillarmy: Minccino
Gigaith: Gigalith
Munna: Munna
Hihidaruma: Darmanitan
Meguroc: Sandile
Mamepato: Pidove
Shimama: Blitzle
Gear: Klink
Encourage ability: Sheer Force
Overconfidence ability: Moxie
Pigeon Heart ability: Big Pecks

Professor's name and Hiun City checks out, those are fine. Minccino is a better name than the romanized abomination Chillarmy (thank god this isn;t the real name), but not as good as Chiramii. Gigaiasu is fine, Munna stays exactly the same, Darmanitan is going to take some getting used to...Sandile and Pidove are excellent names, Blitzle is about average....and what's wrong with keeping the name Gear? Klink sounds like the name of one of King K.Rool's minions.

The three ability names are fine, particularly Big Pecks, which moderator toadster101 pointed out as a pun to 'Big Pecs' (remember, the Japanese equivalent is Pigeon Breast), which is pure win. Bring B/W on!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Global Trade Station: A Modern-Day Idiot Farm

Written by Pokefreak

We've all seen them. That one Pokemon we dream of having for our team. We can't get them anywhere, no matter how hard we try. So as we turn to the GTS, we find hoardes of that Pokemon. Our dream is about to come true. And... that guy who might give it to you wants a Lv.100 Rampardos for that Lv.24 Ivysaur you want.


Stuff Nintendo forgot in 2010

It's the end of another year, and Nintendo promised and proposed a lot of things. A few of which they missed out on. Here's a few:

Wii Vitality Sensor

Iwata, you have some explaining to do. With Skyward Sword 'halfway done', Miyamoto has fulfilled his duties, but where your part of the job? You know, the part where Miyamoto said that Skyward Sword would work well with the Vitality Sensor as some sort of emotion-tracking system? The thing was revealed last year at E3 but after that, nothing. Do you want to pull our fingers or not? We don't even know where it connects to (the Nunchuk and Motion Plus is hogging the only slot on the Wiimote) or how it interacts with the console or games.

Pikmin 3

Another one of last year's E3 leftovers, this time by Miyamoto. Although following that announcement, Shigsy has assured and re-assured us that it's still in the works, there's still no official title, no logo, no screenshot, no gameplay mechanics, nothing. Does it really exist? After playing both New Play Control Pikmin games, you leave fans and newcomers to the series itching for more, but leave them in the lurch with the absence of Pikmin 3 news. What happened here?

Professor Layton and the Devil's Flute

Otherwise known as Layton 4. Layton 5 (Mask of Miracle) is confirmed for 3DS, and there's even English language screenshots floating around on the web. But what about its prequel? Nothing, not even a title. If interest in the 3DS version begins to rise the story progression could be derailed if Layton 5 is released before 4. 4 has been out for over a year in Japan, and this needs to be rushed out to the US before the 3DS version is worked on. What takes Level-5 so long every time? I know we just got Unwound Future this year, but if we are to get Mask of Miracle by 2011, Layton 4 is running late.

Miyamoto's 'new character'

Although I keep bringing it up, I don't think Miyamoto meant Zip from Flingsmash. Seeing as the gameplay was this shallow and it got poor reviews I doubt Miyamoto was a main driving force behind developing the game at all. It's supposed to be a killer new Nintendo IP after 10 years of not making one, the last being Pikmin. It's nearly 2011 now. Where is the character? Still brewing in Miyamoto's head along with the other stuff he's forgotten. Must be his age.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kirby Keychains and Sweets

Written by pikaby

The Kirby fan in me is having seizures of cute. Really, I really want a few of these keychains! Released in October and available for sale in Japan.

Four types of Kirby poses, a Waddle Dee and a knitted yarn Kirby. I FREAKING LOVE ALL OF THEM

Then there's the gummy sweets which will be out by next month. Based of Kirby's Epic Yarn and each of the gummies based off a character in the game. These are also damn great *want*


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Pokemon Update: US Names, Dream World and more!

Written by pikaby

There's been a ton of B/W Pokemon news over the past few days, but I've been busy to talk about them all so I'm going for it in one fell swoop today, on Christmas Day. The biggest of these are, of course, new US names for three Gen 5 Pokemon!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wii Fit cures Parkinson's Disease

Written by pikaby

Image from Kotaku

Parkinson's disease is a nerve degenerative disorder that cripples people, making walking difficult and making them tremble like crazy. This woman here, Jo Collinge, was one such victim.

Then 45 minutes of Wii Fit therapy a day (it was a Christmas present), and suddenly, her condition improved, she could walk again, and she could do things other people with Parkinson's can't. I doubt she's completely cured, but this officially puts Wii Fit on Nintendo's list of awesome next to the life-saving Nintendo DS (used as a flashlight in a rescue, used to cure lazy-eye syndrome).

How game makers make game characters

Written by pikaby

Found on Kotaku and full of lulz. This is the truest thing I've seen all year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

493 (+2) Pokemon group picture

Written by pikaby

There have been pictures of all 1st gen to 4th gen Pokemon drawn before, but none as crazy as this!(click to see full-size) See if you can spot them all! Oh, and Psyduck's the cameraman. Zoroark and Zorua are last-minute entries. From Japanese art site pixiv.

Epic Old Glitch: Metroid Prime 3

Written by pikaby

I just know a few of you may not have seen this before. If you play Metroid Prime 3, you've fought Gandrayda before. This is when the morphs into Ghor. If you Screw Attack past her while she grabs you, the game will assume Samus is in Morph Ball mode and go completely nuts. When you land, you'll be in Morph Ball mode...with an upright Samus. She goes through the floor and back up again, can lay MB bombs, and can even jump on the spot. It's damn hilarious to watch, even 3 years after it was first found.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pokemon bra

Written by pikaby

No. I am not kidding. You are not seeing things.

Super Smash Bros. figurines

Written by pikaby

From Kotaku. A guy used a bunch of tiny Marvel figurines as the template for these awesome Smash Bros. figurines. They look slightly out of proportion (lol the giant hands and animated faces), but they look good enough to own.

...Wait, no Kirby? FFFFUUUUU

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nintendo 3DS song

Written by pikaby

Listen to it. It'll be the most random 4 minutes of your life ever. 

It's dangerous to go alone

Written by pikaby

From Island Paradise, a Facebook social game. Wonder how many of them are hardcore Nintendo fans?


This product does not compare

Written by pikaby

Lower-left corner. First Wii ripoff to be completely honest. Someone call Nintendo and tell them not to sue its producer.

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Minna de Party Sandaime! Import Review

Written by pikaby

If you've followed my import reviews for a while you already know what Taiko no Tatsujin is and why it's one of the most awesome rhythm games you'll ever play (steep challenge, cute graphics, not overmilked every 3 months like Guitar Hero), so I'll skip the usual introduction and go straight to talking about the game itself. And like both Wii Taiko games before it, this third installment is a doozy.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Best DS anti-piracy measure ever

Written by pikaby

We all know DS game piracy is rampant, and it's a very serious issue to tackle. Ubisoft took a less-than-serious approach to this for once.

Within DS games are anti-piracy codes that will activate itself the moment the game is played in ROM form. Most publishers deliberately use these to make the bootleg copies unplayable- Zelda: Spirit Tracks had missing train controls, making progress beyond the first town impossible. Pokemon games freeze even before you begin, and if it does begin, prevent you from earning EXP, freeze at random intervals, and disable online. Other examples include game-wide graphical glitches (Megaman X Collection) and feature disabling.


Reggie high school photo

johnny139 from forums found this on Twitter. *wonders if it's legal to post this picture up lest Reggie visits my house and tears my brains apart*

Bit.trip Flux

Written by pikaby

No I'm not kidding. In 2 years' time there are going to be six Bit.trip games, the latest being mentioned on Bit.tip's Facebook page. Seems like it'll be teased at one of those random indie apps on Facebook. Until then there's not much to know except the title and the fact that Bit.trip could risk being overmilked. Still good though.

Remembering Megaman Legends 1

Written by pikaby

If you were a gamer from the PS1 era you'll probably find this piece from the upcoming Legends 3 a bit familiar. Suddenly I think I hear that overbearing narrator from Megaman Legends 1 during the opening all over again.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pokemon Dream Land birthday event

Starting from DECEMBER 2010 (my birthday was just a WEEK before that....unlucky me...), Nintendo will be handing out a free Pokemon over the Pokemon Dream World to whoever has their birthday during that month. It's a Togekiss!

It's simple. Head to the Pokemon Daisuki website and you'll be asked to open the door to your house. (it's a surprise party). Togekiss will be waiting for you inside!

The Togekiss will be transferred to Dream World and you'll redeem it as you would a regular Pokemon- through the High Link forest. This birthday Togekiss has its Dream World special ability, Super Luck. Not a Serene Grace beater, but still fine.

I'm still reeling at how I could have gotten this present if they had decided to do this a little earlier...I love Togekiss.

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Super Mario Bros. Wii in Taiko Wii 3- video version

Written by pikaby

I posted screens a few weeks ago, now here's the song in video form! The medley goes from overworld music to underground, to coin grabbing, to bonus room, to sky world, to end. It's a nice medley that will give fangasms to anyone who's played New Super Mario Bros. before. All the sound effects are in place too, except Mario's voice, of course (Charles Martinet demands a premium for the rights to his awesome voice)

A more detailed aticle about Taiko no Tatsujin Wii 3 is in our sister blog, Taiko Time, but the import review will still be on here when I have the time to write it. Enjoy the Mario!


Mario plush dolls

These adorable Mario Bros. 3 costume plushies are on sale at eBay, and are UFO prizes from Japan. I wouldn't mind placing a bid for these myself- they look so sweet...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Exchange Bananas for Donkey Kong

Written by pikaby

Picked this up from IGN:

Nintendo and retailer GAME have announced that lucky punters can pick up a free copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii at launch in exchange for a bunch of bananas.

Donkey Kong Country Returns arrives on shelves in the UK this Friday, December 3, and GAME has revealed that the first 20 people to hit select branches with the aforementioned fruit fist will walk away with a copy of the game, absolutely free.

Three stores are participating in the promotion: GAME on Oxford Street, London, GAME Merry Hill, Dudley, plus GameStation at Prospect Centre, Hull. Oxford Street and Merry Hill branches open their doors at 9am this Friday while GameStation kicks things off a mite earlier at 8am.

My mouth gapes wide. This has to be the most absurd marketing technique anyone has EVER used. It's on like Donkey Kong!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nintendo 5-Star ChristmasCon!

Pokefreak here. Remember how we did a SummerCon back in, you guessed it, summer? Well, it's back for the holiday season with ChristmasCon! We're starting all sorts of new and fun events! Here's a rough list of things that'll happen.

-Pokefreak's Writing Contest
-Pikaby's Find Me, Find V
-Pikaby's Game Quiz
-Christmas/New Years Promotion

We're still in the planning stages, so this list is sure to grow! Want in on the action? Have an event idea? Click the forum button up above and share your idea with us!

Greatest Wii bundle ever

Written by pikaby

Just LOOKING at this mountain of plastic is impressive enough. In it is one Wii system, a Balance Board and all 408 (four hundred and eight...!) Nintendo-published Wii games, for the princely sum of one million yen. It's like an epic sweepstakes prize you have to pay for. It's mostly used games (the bundle being from a used games store in Japan), but reportedly all in good condition.

It's the deal of a lifetime! You don't see this lying around on Black Friday.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

DodoGo Challenge

Written by pikaby

Wait, what? There's a 2nd DodoGo game now? Talk about coming right out of thin air...Anyway, consider me excited! I gave the first game a favorable review. Let's see if I can't muster up enough DSi Points to get this sequel. It came out yesterday, on November 26th.

Looks like you can befriend the local animals now.

When triple Pokemon battles go wrong

Wailord/Wailord/Wailord versus Wailord/Wailord/Wailord. Suddenly you wish the DS screen was three times bigger. Where's the XL when you need it?

Found by fellow member Zekira

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nintendo coming back to CES

Written by pikaby

Quote from the IGN article:

After a 16-year hiatus, Nintendo will be returning to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as an exhibitor in January 2011. It's expected the Nintendo 3DS, which is slated for release in March, will be a major focus for the company as it prepares for a worldwide launch.

"With the gaming market expected to generate $20.3 million in 2010, the International CES is the must-stop hub for innovative gaming products, and will allow CES attendees to experience the future of gaming from an amazing range of innovative companies," said Karen Chupka, senior vice president, events and conferences, CEA.

They're 'back' at the CES? I never even knew they left! Well Nintendo was always notorious for not turning up at most major games conventions outside of E3. 3DS is a pretty significant piece of kit so I see why they'd want to finally lurk out of the shadows to show us stuff. Bring the 3D on!

Pikachu joined by Gen 5 mascots in Thanksgiving Parade

Written by pikaby

The giant inflatable Pikachu's being joined by Pokemon Gen 5's legendary mascots Reshiram and Zekrom, and instead of being pulled by a bunch of people in yellow, they're going to be dressed in black and white, obviously. It's a great marketing trick, using the Macy's Thanksgiving parade to advertise for Pokemon Black/White. I can't comment much further since I never get to even get close to the parade (although I want to though), but sounds like win to me.

Source: Kotaku

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kirby's Epic Yarn: Hands-on

Written by pikaby

I hung from a dandelion made of cotton wool. I unzipped an entire building facade revealing a hidden passage. I tied a knot around an erupting felt volcano. I swam through thread rings as a dolphin. I collected beads as a tiny music note. I tore the patch off a crescent moon, revealing a sun. All that in the first 3 hours.


Pokemon Gen 5 Starter US names revealed

Written by pikaby

The US names for our Gen 5 Pokemon starters are now out on the official Pokemon US website. I'll let the screenshot do the talking:

Tsutaaja, the grass snake, is named Snivy.
Pokabu, the fire pig, is Tepig.
Mijumaru, the sea otter, is Oshawott.

Isshu, the region where Pokemon Black/White takes place, is named Unova.

Then the two legendary mascot Pokemon, Reshiram and Zekrom, keep their names, as expected, and they are the Vast White Pokemon and the Deep Black Pokemon, with the abilities Turboblaze and Teravolt.

Snivy is plain and simple, a combination of the words 'snake' and 'ivy'. In fact it was so simple that some Pokefans have actually predicted this name long before it was revealed. At least it's not Smugleaf...There is an interesting bit about Tsutaj- I mean, Snivy's name, which I found on Urban Dictionary. 'snivy' is an adjective also meaning horny or randy maybe even reckless at times when thinking about sex. Okaaaaay.....It's not a bad name though. Moving on to the next one.

Tepig, Pokabu's new name, is also a combination of two words, 'tepid' and obviously 'pig'. Tepid meaning lukewarm, or low level of enthusiasm. The word is played well, but it certainly could have been better (being of a neutral/slightly negative connotation). No more sexual innuendo though.

Oshawott is tougher to crack. It could be a mixture of three different words, 'ocean', 'water' and 'otter'. I swear it's this close to matching the fan name of 'Wotter' (imagine how ridiculous that would sound if that were real). And just like 'Miju' is a corruption of 'mizu' (water in Japanese), 'Osha' could be a corrupted form of 'ocean'. The name also sounds oddly Canadian. Does the water starter come from Oshawa, Canada? Anyway, it's a brilliant name. I like it more the more I say it. Oshawott!

Unova, could mean UNited States OV America (silly, but makes sense. I'd lol if this was the real inspiration) or based off the Latin words meaning 'one new', or the Italian derivative of 'new' too. Wonder why they didn't keep the name Isshu though- this makes Gen 5 the first generation with a region name difference between the JP and US versions.

Overall, it's fine, it's not the end of the Pokemon world as we know it. The new names didn't make me puke. Sure, I was taken aback for the first ten seconds, but the names are comfortable and easy to get used too, even if Oshawott still sounds a little weird. Looking forward to know more!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Scribblenauts FINALLY gets a Japanese release

Written by pikaby

And we thought we were the disadvantaged regions who always get good games later than the Japanese do. Scribblenauts is a rare reversal in fortunes.

It's the original Scribblenauts released ages ago in English, and finally ported to Japan and reincarnated as 'Hirameki Puzzle: Maxwell no Fushigi na Note'. Being in Japanese, we can expect a crazy overhaul of the dictionary and probably some special Japanese objects/stages added in. The logo is also made a tad more charming than the old English Scribblenauts. Are the developers planning to cute up the entire game? Maybe not, but a guy can dream.

Hopefully they can do something about the original's bad touch-screen control instead of porting the whole mess over when Super Scribblenauts already rectified the problem months in advance. It will be out in Japan by the end of January.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii in Taiko Wii 3

Written by pikaby

Mario songs in Taiko no Tatsujin isn't terribly new (there have been two different medley remixes of the 1985 original Super Mario Bros.), but this looks really special for some reason.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii, composed from the ground up with the Wii in mind! This song is making its debut in the 3rd Taiko no Tatsujin Wii game. Namco  has thrown a lot of weight behind the Wii Taiko games seeing as both the first and second game did so well in sales, but this just pushes it to the next level! One of the best selling Wii games of all time is being used as a song here in one of my most favorite rhythm games! I am so stoked...

By the way, Taiko no Tatsujin has never had any 3D models in its games before. Until now. Mario is awesome.

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii 3 will be released on December 2 this year.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Super Famicom, as old as I am

Written by pikaby

Just reminded at that today was the 20th birthday of the Japanese SNES, or Super Famicom. Good times, they were. Between Miyamoto's favorite Mario game, the most complete 2D Metroid game, and Nintendo fans' most favorite top-down Zelda, SNES was Nintendo's golden generation (before Wii).

Guess what? Super Famicom was released on November 21st, 1990. My birthday is also on November 21st, 1990. It's like I was born to play.

I got Kirby's Epic Yarn!

Written by pikaby

With my reduced access to my Wii I don't get to play most of this holiday season's rich offerings...but at least I got to spend 2 days with the cutest Kirby game ever made. In one sitting I've breezed through the first two worlds, and going back to play some more! I'll post a report on my hands-on soon (more than a month later than everyone else, but what can I do), but for now, I can confidently say that you won't be disappointed. Unless you have an aversion to cute or easy games or not dying.

By the way I just figured this out my myself though. 'Yarn' can mean 'story' in addition to the woolly fabric, so Epic Yarn can mean 'epic story'. 'Epic story' is overstated (Kirby's stories have never been that deep/complex!) but it makes more sense now that you think about it, right?


Nintendo 5-Star Toolbar

Written by pikaby

I've seen a lot of crazy things people have done for Nintendo 5-Star. But I really never expected something like this!

It's an entire toolbar dedicated to Nintendo 5-Star, designed by, of all people, our regular member blubbermarble! You can see a lot of buttons leading to the forums, RSS (I didn't even know we had RSS), games news....wait, the Flipnote Feature? Isn't that nostalgic...I stopped that due to time constraints. Maybe if I have more time I can start making 'em again. Anyway, an amazing effort from him, to the majority of us who don't know simple programming. Thanks!

Want to download the toolbar and get access to Nintendo 5-Star at all times? Get it here!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shieru Miyamoto turns 58 today

Written by pikaby

*fails at looking for most recent picture of Miyamoto*

Did you know today is Miyamoto's birthday? Yeah, me neither. But at least we all know now (after lots of spreading through the internet- wonder why this didn't happen last year). He's approaching retirement age, yet he can still fool people into thinking he's about 40 years old. I know I was shocked when I heard he was that old. Look at that full head of hair! He's still got it, the old coot.

Wait, retirement age? Nah, he'll never leave Nintendo. His teeth will fall out if he even thinks about it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Super Kong picture

Written by pikaby

A few days ago, we talked about Donkey Kong Country Returns having a Super Guide of its own (not on this blog though, on the forums), as in Mario Galaxy 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Finally there's a single screenshot of Super Kong in action.

...Doesn't he look kind of familiar?

Donkey Kong Country Returns partial stage list

Written by pikaby

And some sweet gameplay footage of the later worlds! If you don't mind spoiling DKCR for yourself before it gets released in stores this weekend, knock yourself out. This video is a doozy.

Reggie puzzled by poor Metroid Other M sales

From NintendoEverything...

“We believe that it could be, should be a million unit title. We’re not going to get there, not through the holiday. And we are doing a lot of thinking as to why. Because it’s a great game. The consumer reaction because of the quality has been strong. We’re doing a lot of thinking about why we didn’t get there. I think the marketing was strong, advertising was very good, the social media we did was very positive. [Other M is] getting close to half a million.”

Following the comments above, Reggie also discussed the reaction to the portrayal of Samus…

“First off, [I have] nothing but the greatest respect for the development team. Mr. Sakamoto [co-creator of Metoid] did a wonderful job. His partnership with us in promoting the game was stellar. Team Ninja [is] absolutely fabulous. I’m not going to sit here and criticize a style of the game, but have I read the same feedback that said, broadly, that the portrayal of Samus felt different than how the player in the past had internalized the character? I’ve heard and read the same feedback. Do I think it’s warranted or not? I’m not quite sure yet… I don’t yet believe that that is the driving factor to the performance of the game.”

Lastly, Reggie was asked if Metroid has a future…

“I certainly hope so. I’m a passionate fan of Samus and the Metroid series.”

That sounds like a really hypocritical excuse for what people see as a better-than-average game. Did they not know what made Metroid Prime sell? I know they're all trying to go in a different direction, portray Samus as a more colorful character with emotions, etc., but in doing that they took away what made Metroid Metroid, in the fans' point of view. When fans are pissed, nothing saves a game from being damned. Even if they're being nitpicky/unreasonable/whiny, it's not good to displease the majority. Then there's the argument that game creators aren't bound to the whims and fancies of game fans, because simply, they don't owe them anything. Except maybe by wallet. Your thoughts?

Critics giving Other M bad reviews didn't exactly help the game sell either.

Me? I haven't had a chance to try the game yet, but hopefully I will soon. Very soon.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- November CoroCoro scans

Written by pikaby

Scans from Continuing from October's issue, more Ken Sugimori artwork of the 5th Gen Pokemon have been revealed. This issue filled in many gaps in evolution lines revealed in previous issues, completing them. Not many Pokemon remain to be more should finish the job!

Left, Chobomaki and Agirudaa on top, Shubargo and Kaburumo on the bottom. The evolution method is unique- Kaburumo must be traded with a Chobomaki in order for both to evolve to their final forms. Chomobaki gives its armor shell away to Kaburumo, it seems.
Right, Aakeosu, evolution of the bird fossil, Aaken. Abagoora, evolution of the turtle fossil Protooga.

Oh man, all the Pokemon look so GOOD in their Sugimori art! You gotta love 'em all.

Left, Zuruzukin, evolved form of Zuruggu, the lizard-like Dark/Fighting Pokemon back in October. Iwaparesu (giant rock lobster), evolution of the hermit crab Ishizumai. Doredia (the large flower), evolved from Churine. Erufuun (the cotton sheep), evolved from Monmen. Both Doredia and Erufuun need Sun Stones.

Right, the evolution line of Otomaro, the new tadpole Pokemon. It evolves first into Gamagaru, then into Gamegeroge (follow the arrows on the scan, upwards), gaining a Ground type as it goes up. Roobushin (old man carrying concrete blocks), final evolved form of Gen 5's Machop, Dokkora. Warubiaru, final evolved form of the ground croc, Meguroko.

Bottom block, from left. Shinpora, a Psychic/Flying...thing. Looks like a hieroglyph drawing. Doesn't evolve from or into anything. Yabukuron, the garbage bag Pokemon. Hitomoshi, the cute ghost candle Pokemon. Shibishirasu, the electric eel Pokemon. Pururiru, the Tentacool replacement, with male and female differences. Next, Tesshido, the spike ball Pokemon with a unique type (Steel/Grass), the adorable ice-cream Pokemon Banipucchi, and Koaruhii, pre-evolution of Swanna. Koaruhii aside, the rest of the Pokemon should have their lines completed within another issue, I reckon.

From top. Murando, final evolution of the puppy Pokemon Yorterrie. Daburan, middle form between Yuniran and Rankurusu. Gochimeru, middle form between Gochimu and Gochiruzeru. Pendoraa, final evolved form of the centipede Pokemon Fushide.

Just a little more to go! And then there's the legendary Pokemon that haven't been revealed yet- there's a decent number in Isshu.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fascinating Mario facts from Mario Creator

Written by pikaby

A portion of a news interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. Source: GoNintendo

So, Mario. How does he manage to stay fresh and relevant even though he's already 25 years old?
Q: What is it about Mario that resonates so well with players?
SM: When we create games, the gamer really is the main character. In that regard it may not really matter who the main character is onscreen. But you know, Mario is someone who has become very familiar and I think it is that people are comfortable with becoming Mario. … Mario really has grown and changed and evolved with the evolution of digital technology. The new technology is fresh and exciting and the next thing you know it becomes familiar and Mario follows that. He's a familiar character, but he is also fresh because he is always doing new things based on what the technology allows him to do.
He's the digital Mickey Mouse- he can do almost anything and still manage to somehow fit in seamlessly. You know, even though a lot of gamers in my country are damn brainless (and have never played a Mario game before in their lives), anyone and EVERYONE still knows the name Mario, the game character, the one who jumps on top of turtles, when I mention it to them. That's how influential he is, I guess. Now I'd wish more people here actually play his 'fresh and exciting' new games. I want someone to discuss Mario Galaxy 2 with.

The interviewer also asked Miyamoto abou this favorite Mario game. You'd think someone would have already asked that question a long time ago.
Q: What is your most favorite Mario game and why?
SM: Super Mario World (1993) is something that included of course all the action you saw in Super Mario Bros. but it also had the map features, so it also had that element of players having to think about where they were going and what they were going to do next. I also think that it is a game that developed a large number of staff people who became producers and directors.
High five, Shigsy! You and I have some great things in common. Super Mario World wasn't the first game with map features though, so I don't know what he was going about there.

New Mario games for Wii and 3DS? The latter's pretty inevitable, but I wonder about Mario's fate on Wii after Sports Mix comes out.
Q: So I assume we have not seen the last of Mario. Can you say anything about his future adventures on the Wii or Nintendo 3DS?
SM: Of course, we are working on a Mario product for the Nintendo 3DS, I can tell you that. One of the things we have looked at, you know when you are in a 3D world but on a 2D screen it is difficult sometimes to tell distance, whether an object you are looking at is in the foreground, in the background, is the object above you? Sometimes it's a little bit harder. So it's going to be really exciting for us to make that easier for the player to understand using the Nintendo 3DS technology. And for the first time ever Mario will be on a handheld system with an analog stick for controls. That's new.
3DS is going to be exciting. A couple of weeks ago he did mention both 2D and 3D Mario being in the works though. The Wii is slowly turning cold. Not for me, I still have to clear that games backlog before the next Nintendo console comes.

Then there was a question on why Mario was Italian. Just a random thought. And of course, they're beavering away on the new Zelda (Skyward Sword and the OoT remake. They've got a lot to cover) and aren't stopping. *waits*


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pokemon Daisuki Club November gifts

Written by pikaby

Okay, I know, a lot of my recent blogs have been about nothing but Pokemon. I'm going to change that in a few days, starting with the news backlog that has accumulated over the past...I dunno, month. But one more for now.

Daisuki Club's November giveaway! Another DS pouch and a cartridge storage case, all with the 3 Isshu starters on them. These are for the grand prizes. The consolation prizes are two epic looking Pokemon cushions.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Pokemon Dream World Arceus event

Written by pikaby

At launch, the bods in charge of the Pokemon Global Link asked players far and wide (in Japan) what Pokemon they wanted to own in the Dream World via a massive, two month poll that involved all o493 old Pokemon. The winner was announced yesterday, and it was pretty obvious.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jonas Brothers cosplaying Mario

Written by pikaby

First, Cole and Dylan Sprouse promote Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver. Now we have this. Now to wait for Jonas-heads to figure out which member of the trio is in this shot.

Miyamoto making both 2D and 3D Mario for 3DS

Written by pikaby

- 3D polygonal visuals give players a greater sense of being part of the action
- they also allow for more freedom and choice
- some people are turned off by 3D polygonal visuals because they feel they're too complex
- "When Super Mario became Mario 64, the range of players narrowed greatly."
- Miyamoto feels the dev team made great strides in making a 3D polygonal game for everyone with Super Mario Galaxy, but this still wasn't enough for some players
- that's why Nintendo created New Super Mario Bros.
- "When asked 'what will we do on 3DS,' the answer is, of course, we'll make both (2D and 3D). They both have their own appeal."
- the 3D effect on 3DS can help make it easier to determine depth, which would greatly help those players with issues feeling out that mechanic while playing
- this could be of benefit to Zelda as well
- "gives a great feeling of existence to Mario, Link and others."
- this also goes hand-in-hand with character weight, which also is very important to making the characters feel real
- in 2D Mario..."It's difficult to tell when they will hit the player, so we were only able to use these (depth visual tricks) lightly. However, we'll be able to use this type of thing quite a bit on the 3DS."
- Iwata: "You went more in-depth than I'd been expected. This is the first I've heard of this."
- Miyamoto: "No good? Don't tell any game magazine people."

Source: GoNintendo, which in turn came from

Making both a 2D and a 3D Mario game for 3DS? Miyamoto's trying hard to please both sides of the coin this time.

Sometimes I don't know if 2D is the way to go when it comes to increasingly advanced consoles. I mean, even though New Super Mario Bros. Wii sold a lot more (pleasing many retro Mario fans), the fact is Mario Galaxy and its sequel were far superior games, and sold quite a lot as well. Not to mention Galaxy 2 had a fair chunk of 2D sections in its stages, in addition to being mainly 3D. The trick here is striking a balance between the two dimensions. 2D makes for simplicity and ease of control, and anyone can pick up, play and enjoy. But at the same time, 3D gives an extra dimension in freedom of level design. You can make more things happen with three dimensions than you can with two. NSMBWii's mistake with fans wasn't because it was 2D, but because most of the level elements were old and played out. It felt bland and boring to half the people playing it. That same half would be the ones to herald Mario Galaxy 2 as the new coming.

Miyamoto was right in saying 2D and 3D both have their own appeal, but 2D has to be done right and brought up-to-date, or risk being stuck with one foot in the past like NSMBWii. He talked about depth perception in 2D Mario for 3DS...will we be seeing Bullet Bills flying out from the background of the screen into our eyes? Sounds like an exciting prospect. Time to reinvent the wheel.

...he also mentioned Zelda didn't he? 2D Zelda? Remember how the last one turned out? Oh well, there's no stopping him anyway, and what he makes is usually right on the money.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cherrim's Pokedex, finally done right

Written by pikaby

Cherrim was a great design. Although not very good in competitive battle, the little thing captured the learts of all cute-loving Pokefans when the sun shone on it. In fact no one ever expected Cherrim to have a closed flower form when Pokemon Diamond/Pearl was released. Not many people liked it either.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kirby's Epic Yarn for serious gamers too

"As a team, we were extremely opposed to the idea of an action game where the game wasn't over when an enemy got you. We debated that for quite a long time. ...we thought it would be fine if we just made a fun game the way we're good at." - producer Etsunobu Ebisu

"When serious gamers play, they want to clear a level without any mistakes like running into enemies, so this game is made so you really feel regret when you run into enemies and a strong sense of achievement when you clear a level without any mistakes." - producer Nobuo Matsumiya

Which is kinda weird because the general consensus for Epic Yarn is that it's too god damn easy. You can't even die.

But serious gamers who appreciate creativity and fun in games should still check it out. Me, I just want it because it's too cute not to.

Wii Remote Plus official ad

Written by pikaby


*ignores the Wii Remote Plus* Flingsmash's main character is so cuuuuuuute <3 Both the game and the modified controller will be out on November 7.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pokemon Black/White DS straps

Written by pikaby

There are 200 sets of each of these adorable DS straps of Gen 5 Pokemon to be given away as prizes on Pokemon Daisuki Club for answering one of their surveys. Only for Japanese people though. I am so freaking jealous....From top to bottom, in order, Tsutaja, Mijumaru, Pokabu, Munna, Chiramii, Zorua, Kibago, Emonga, Reshiram, Zekrom.

The good news is these aren't Daisuki Club exclusives, but rather Pokemon Center products. So you might be able to stumble upon these if you lurk around eBay. I know I want one.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pokemon Dream World shots

Written by pikaby

Within the span of two weeks I've sent quite a few of my most favorite Pokemon up to the Dream World. Here's pictures of them lounging in their rooms.

Rankurusu~ Cutest Gen 5 Pokemon ever. He looks even cuter in the Dream World. Never expected him to be this big though- he covers up the Treasure Box in the background!

Chirachiino, another cutie. Note that I've started amassing berries to decorate the bland-looking room. Pokeball chair in the corner, underneath the Dream Catalog.

The only non-Gen 5 Pokemon I've sent into the Dream World thus far, Cleffa!

I've also sent Victini up, though I haven't taken a picture of that. He's really small though, a bit like Cleffa's height. And, of course, Emonga, my first session in Global Link.

I have about 700 Dream Points so far. Getting them is hard, and you need a lot of them to unlock hidden content in Dream World. And the one-hour limit isn't helping. Oh well, what can you do.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle Trailer

Written by pikaby

Lots of Level-5 and Professor Layton to go around this week (it's Level-5's own event, Vision 2010). I've been meaning to post this wonderful trailer a few days ago but was busy. Anyway, here it is.

Layton 5 takes place right after the events of Layton 4 (Specter's Flute) and the movie (Eternal Diva). Him and Luke travel to a city, and some festival is going on. Before they know it, people are being turned into stone from a guy wearing a mysterious mask. Unlike the classics, this doesn't seem to require people to stare into the mask. Some investigations are underway. Layton's past seems to play a big role in this game too, as with Unwound Future, but a much different part of it. Layton is exploring some ancient ruins, but what this all means is still out of our knowledge. The villain scientist from Layton 4, Descole, crops up as the main bad guy here too.

In terms of gaming worlds, Mask of Miracle looks like the prettiest Layton yet. That's a given since it's on the fresh new 3DS. Environments can be viewed in more than one angle instead of just having a static screen, and Layton/Luke/the other NPCs have full cel-shaded 3D models during regular gameplay, which looks irresistable. Kinda like Ninokuni. Puzzles are also rendered in 3D now. Oh, and speaking of puzzles, from the game's release there will be a new downloadable puzzle EVERY DAY for a YEAR. That's 365 extra puzzles! Layton and puzzle fans can die happy now.

Oh, but not until the storyline wraps itself up, since Layton was meant to be a six-game series. This is only the 5th.

Baby Controller for Babysitting Mama?

Written by pikaby

Wait, what? This is insanity. I can't believe I didn't see this before.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Professor Layton and The Unwound Future - Review

Written by Pokefreak

The most well known professor in London returns to the dual screens in his latest adventures. And future London isn't as bright and wirly as one would think. Can Layton save London? Is it even worth trying? Find out in our review.


Mario has sore knees

Written by pikaby

Mario's always jumping and landing on his feet. That's going to wear out his joints one of these days. A looping gem from Japanese video site nicovideo.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ninokuni DS box art

Written by pikaby

Thought Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver's box was large? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Ninokuni puts all the other DS game boxes to shame by having this giant thing to house both the massive spellbook and another box for the game and instruction manual. Like it? It's like a glorified movie poster (I actually mistook this for an actual movie poster when I first saw it)! Me like.

Hopefully it's not made out of cardboard like Pokemon HG/SS. I imagine the bulk of the spellbook would crush this fragile masterpiece.