Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pokemon Dream Land birthday event

Starting from DECEMBER 2010 (my birthday was just a WEEK before that....unlucky me...), Nintendo will be handing out a free Pokemon over the Pokemon Dream World to whoever has their birthday during that month. It's a Togekiss!

It's simple. Head to the Pokemon Daisuki website and you'll be asked to open the door to your house. (it's a surprise party). Togekiss will be waiting for you inside!

The Togekiss will be transferred to Dream World and you'll redeem it as you would a regular Pokemon- through the High Link forest. This birthday Togekiss has its Dream World special ability, Super Luck. Not a Serene Grace beater, but still fine.

I'm still reeling at how I could have gotten this present if they had decided to do this a little earlier...I love Togekiss.

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