Monday, December 27, 2010

Stuff Nintendo forgot in 2010

It's the end of another year, and Nintendo promised and proposed a lot of things. A few of which they missed out on. Here's a few:

Wii Vitality Sensor

Iwata, you have some explaining to do. With Skyward Sword 'halfway done', Miyamoto has fulfilled his duties, but where your part of the job? You know, the part where Miyamoto said that Skyward Sword would work well with the Vitality Sensor as some sort of emotion-tracking system? The thing was revealed last year at E3 but after that, nothing. Do you want to pull our fingers or not? We don't even know where it connects to (the Nunchuk and Motion Plus is hogging the only slot on the Wiimote) or how it interacts with the console or games.

Pikmin 3

Another one of last year's E3 leftovers, this time by Miyamoto. Although following that announcement, Shigsy has assured and re-assured us that it's still in the works, there's still no official title, no logo, no screenshot, no gameplay mechanics, nothing. Does it really exist? After playing both New Play Control Pikmin games, you leave fans and newcomers to the series itching for more, but leave them in the lurch with the absence of Pikmin 3 news. What happened here?

Professor Layton and the Devil's Flute

Otherwise known as Layton 4. Layton 5 (Mask of Miracle) is confirmed for 3DS, and there's even English language screenshots floating around on the web. But what about its prequel? Nothing, not even a title. If interest in the 3DS version begins to rise the story progression could be derailed if Layton 5 is released before 4. 4 has been out for over a year in Japan, and this needs to be rushed out to the US before the 3DS version is worked on. What takes Level-5 so long every time? I know we just got Unwound Future this year, but if we are to get Mask of Miracle by 2011, Layton 4 is running late.

Miyamoto's 'new character'

Although I keep bringing it up, I don't think Miyamoto meant Zip from Flingsmash. Seeing as the gameplay was this shallow and it got poor reviews I doubt Miyamoto was a main driving force behind developing the game at all. It's supposed to be a killer new Nintendo IP after 10 years of not making one, the last being Pikmin. It's nearly 2011 now. Where is the character? Still brewing in Miyamoto's head along with the other stuff he's forgotten. Must be his age.

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