Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Best DS anti-piracy measure ever

Written by pikaby

We all know DS game piracy is rampant, and it's a very serious issue to tackle. Ubisoft took a less-than-serious approach to this for once.

Within DS games are anti-piracy codes that will activate itself the moment the game is played in ROM form. Most publishers deliberately use these to make the bootleg copies unplayable- Zelda: Spirit Tracks had missing train controls, making progress beyond the first town impossible. Pokemon games freeze even before you begin, and if it does begin, prevent you from earning EXP, freeze at random intervals, and disable online. Other examples include game-wide graphical glitches (Megaman X Collection) and feature disabling.

And what did Ubisoft do to its crap Ouendan ripoff game with Michael Jackson on it? (The game's title is Michael Jackson: The Experience, on DS)

Notes are missing from the screen, the game freezes when paused. And the most lulzy anti-piracy anyone has ever seen, a vuvuzela plays all over the Jackson songs obscuring the music. You can't really hear it on the video..crank up the volume. Hear that faint familiar 'bzzzzzzzz' sound?

Ubisoft, in a forum post, said this:

“When I came up with the idea, I thought it would at least make the game pirates laugh. I never imagined it would become so popular and show up on so many sites, and that the original Youtube video would have over 140,000 views.” - Ubisoft's Marcelo Oliveira

Nice. Anti-piracy things like this are easily patched, but this was obviously done for the lulz.

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