Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Big N5 of the Week - (Insert bad Wii U pun here)

We're back! Miss us/me? Here's what *U've been missing!

*Disclaimer: EggBeatr will be thrown into a pit of tar for this remark.

5. Wii U low Google searches. 
If you can see it, that tiny red line is all the Wii U has via Google searches. Ouch. But don't worry, once it gets more media coverage it will be the talk of the nation! Oh wait...

4. News Anchors making awful Wii U pun jokes.
Wii Wii? Pii U? Come on! These jokes have been done a year ago, and they weren't funny then! You can see the awfulness in all it's (glory?) here. Don't say I didn't warn you...

3. Mass Effect Trilogy not coming to Wii U.
In a more "are you f*cking kidding me" news this week, EA announced the complete Mass Effect trilogy for all consoles, including PC, but not Wii U. For those wanting answers this what NeoGaf had to say: "EA did not expect Wii U owners to buy Mass Effect, anyway, so no point in porting over three games. If ME3 sells gangbusters, they’ll consider it a proper summer home for Mass Effect." Sounds like reverse logic to me. Why would anyone buy just one game more, when you could buy all three for less? At this point, EA seems hard pressed into not bringing this to Wii U, but at least we have one game coming to the system at launch.

2. Denpa Men: They Came by Wave now available for the 3DS eShop! 
Denpa Men are all around us; you just need to use the 3DS camera to spot them out and catch them! From your own little Denpa Men army and journey through caves to find hidden items, fight baddies in turn based battles, and potentially level up your Denpa Men to repeat the cycle. The Demo and full game are available now only the Nintendo 3DS eShop!

1. Wii U pre-orders sky-rocketing. It's 2006 all over again!
First GameStop closed all pre-orders on the upcoming system, and now several other store outlets are following suit after a storm of pre-orders on the Wii U flooded across the hemisphere. And it's not just America; Wii U pre-orders in Europe have also hit influx this week. Still want one? You still have time! But as I previously said, quantities are running out so hurry before they're all **gonU!

 **EggBeatr will be thrown in a second tar pit for this remark.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Big N5 of the Week - We Want U!

Well Nintendo held another Nintendo Direct last week, which makes it the 39th show this year (I kid). A lot of exciting news was showcased, and we FINALLY got the official Wii U price and release date! But that's just only the tip of the iceberg!

5. Wii U games will be $59.99 each.  
Better break open that piggy bank, because Wii U games will be officially $59.99 at release. While that's $10 more than Wii games, hopefully Nintendo won't wait 5 years to introduce a "Nintendo Select" for these games or at least lower the prices.

4. Monster Hunter Tri 3G HD Ver. coming to Wii U! 
It's a surprise in itself that Capcom actually announced something for the Wii U, but even more surprising is that it's getting localized for America and Europe! The 3DS version is also being localized, and both versions will be able to connect and share save data. Tri 3G will be a Wii U launch title for Japan and is scheduled for a Spring release everywhere else.

3. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon headed to the 3DS! 
Mystery Dungeon returns to the 3DS as revealed last week. This time around your default character is Pikachu (as opposed to starting out as a random starter based on your answers to some in-game questions) and you can pick from 5 starter partners +Axew and journey through 3-D environments in the series first new look overhaul. An interesting new feature has you takine AR pics of objects and turning them into dungeons (lucky sweater dungeon Ho!). Watch the trailer and see for yourself!

2. Bayonetta 2 revealed as Wii U exclusive! 
Probably the most surprising news of this week is the unveiling of Bayonetta 2, an Xbox360 hit, being a Wii U exclusive! This has been met with extreme hate comments from previous fans of the first game, but it's worth noting that Nintendo is the only reason this game is being released, since SEGA was going to cancel the series. Better throw Nintendo the bone instead of hitting them with it!

 1. Wii U 
Price: $299.99 
Release: November 18 

Have a great week everyone!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Big N5 of the Week - Fear my sword of bread!

(To anyone in any universe reading our weekly blog, I've been accidentally posting the blog as "Big 5" instead of "Big N5". We will go with the latter from now on.)

5. Master Sword made out of bread. 



 4. Little Masters: The Masters of Monsters. 
To see some more pics of this hilarious iOS Pokemon knock-off check out this link. It even has a trailer too! 


3. Genesect available at launch via Mystery Gift! 
Having a hard time tracking down those darn Event Pokemon? Well lucky for you, because Genesect, that cyborg prior-Japanese-only Pokemon, will be available via mystery gift on the day Pokemon Black 2/White 2 are released for nearly two months! Get your bodies ready, trainers!

2. New Nintendo Land attractions revealed. (image linked from GoNintendo) 
New attractions for the upcoming Wii U launch title Nintendo Land have been revealed as a shooting game inspired by Metroid, where the the player controlling the control pad steers Samus' ship blasting at other players below. The second attraction revealed was a Balloon Fighter mini-game, but very many images have surfaced as of yet.

 1. Club Nintendo gave away limited Kirby medals as a reward this week. 
For only 600 coins (and if you were one of the lucky ones to get) Club Nintendo members snagged this shiny Kirby pin. Unfortunately, it was limited to only 1,000 pins and is not not available any more (WHY CRUEL WORLD?!?!). Kirby's 20th Anniversary for Wii is still available though, so snag it up while you can!

Thanks for reading and try not to burn your Master Sword as you put it into the oven!


Monday, September 3, 2012

The Big 5 of the Week - Leggo' of my Pink + White 3DS XL!

Nintendo Direct! Layton! Sweaters!

5. Nintendo's knitting peripheral that never was. 
Yes, that is a knitting machine peripheral for the NES that knits you sweaters as you play games - I'm as confused as you are. The idea was shut down of course, but, whoa. I wonder if the thought occurred to them to make it knit Link caps as you play LoZ or overalls as you play Mario. That would've been epic.

4. TWEWY 2 teased: is it for 3DS? 
The long awaited REAL sequel to the cult classic TWEWY has been teased in a screen shot that's unlocked after the iOS title is completed. Yes, TWEWY 2 is in the making! Now we just have to wait and see if it's confirmed as a 3DS title. Keep fingers crossed!

3. U.K. Club Nintendo Reward: Mario Kart trophies! 
If you live in the U.K. and have a Club Nintendo account (with a fair amount of coins) you might be able to score one of four Mario Kart inspired trophies! Unfortunately, there's no plans from NOA to make this a reward in the U.S., but you can still look at these sweet pics.


2. Nintendo Direct: GameFreak's new 3DS eShop rhythm game, Harmo Knight! 
It's not everyday GameFreak makes a new game, so that makes their new rhythm game Harmo Knight an even more intriguing original game. As seen in the trailer you'll slice your way through enemies to the beat and travel a Mario World inspired hub map. The game also sports an impressive amount of Pokemon nostalgia: from Reshiram mountain face to even the music tracks inspired by various Pokemon games. Knowing how well GameFreak did with Pulseman and Drill Dozer, this should be a game to look out for.

1. Nintendo Direct: Professor Layton 6 revealed! 
While it won't be the last we'll see of the professor (if you count Professor Layton vs. Pheonix Wright), the hit Layton series is coming to a close next year. Taking place after the Mask of Miracle, this will be the last game in the series, but fourth chronologically and it's release date has been slated for a 2013 release date in Japan. Watch the trailer here.

Other noteworthy mentions in last week's Nintendo Direct were a new Pink and white 3DS XL, more animal Crossing news and pics, Project X Zone, and a Tomadachi collection for 3DS (Which is similar to Animal Crossing). What a great week!

Thanks for reading and peace be with you!