Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Big N5 of the Week - Fear my sword of bread!

(To anyone in any universe reading our weekly blog, I've been accidentally posting the blog as "Big 5" instead of "Big N5". We will go with the latter from now on.)

5. Master Sword made out of bread. 



 4. Little Masters: The Masters of Monsters. 
To see some more pics of this hilarious iOS Pokemon knock-off check out this link. It even has a trailer too! 


3. Genesect available at launch via Mystery Gift! 
Having a hard time tracking down those darn Event Pokemon? Well lucky for you, because Genesect, that cyborg prior-Japanese-only Pokemon, will be available via mystery gift on the day Pokemon Black 2/White 2 are released for nearly two months! Get your bodies ready, trainers!

2. New Nintendo Land attractions revealed. (image linked from GoNintendo) 
New attractions for the upcoming Wii U launch title Nintendo Land have been revealed as a shooting game inspired by Metroid, where the the player controlling the control pad steers Samus' ship blasting at other players below. The second attraction revealed was a Balloon Fighter mini-game, but very many images have surfaced as of yet.

 1. Club Nintendo gave away limited Kirby medals as a reward this week. 
For only 600 coins (and if you were one of the lucky ones to get) Club Nintendo members snagged this shiny Kirby pin. Unfortunately, it was limited to only 1,000 pins and is not not available any more (WHY CRUEL WORLD?!?!). Kirby's 20th Anniversary for Wii is still available though, so snag it up while you can!

Thanks for reading and try not to burn your Master Sword as you put it into the oven!


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  1. That bread sword, not sure if sad, or awesomest thing ever...