Saturday, June 25, 2016

What If: NX Reveal Live Blog Make Believe

The NX will be revealed sometime around this Fall or early Winter if sources are to remain correct, so there’s bound to be more rumor and speculation out there than facts. While we have no idea what to expect it’s times like these that talking about it is better than nothing. But top X lists have been overdone to death, so I came up with a fake NX reveal scenario via live blog to express what I would love to see in Nintendo’s big reveal. Enjoy, puddins’.  

FIRST DISCLAIMER: This is not real. Don’t take anything in this blog seriously. Thank you.  

SECOND DISCLAIMER: This is a scenario in which the console is NOT a hybrid. Don't take it as my ultimate desire for the console, but more so a second option. Also, no cartridges, just no. We have no idea what the final product will look like, so be open and nice about any other possibilities of what the system could be. Much obliged.