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What If: NX Reveal Live Blog Make Believe

The NX will be revealed sometime around this Fall or early Winter if sources are to remain correct, so there’s bound to be more rumor and speculation out there than facts. While we have no idea what to expect it’s times like these that talking about it is better than nothing. But top X lists have been overdone to death, so I came up with a fake NX reveal scenario via live blog to express what I would love to see in Nintendo’s big reveal. Enjoy, puddins’.  

FIRST DISCLAIMER: This is not real. Don’t take anything in this blog seriously. Thank you.  

SECOND DISCLAIMER: This is a scenario in which the console is NOT a hybrid. Don't take it as my ultimate desire for the console, but more so a second option. Also, no cartridges, just no. We have no idea what the final product will look like, so be open and nice about any other possibilities of what the system could be. Much obliged. 

NX Reveal Day X/XX/20XX 

9:55 - We’re just moments away from the NX live stream reveal! 
9:56 – Interesting to note that this will be the first time Nintendo has revealed their console without a live stage. You’ll just have to listen to your own fan screams whenever a big announcement happens.
9:59 – One minute left!
10:00 – Starting off with a reveal trailer showing the history of Nintendo consoles up until this point. 
10:01 – The “NX” is looking very sexy!
10:01 – Almost looks like the Monolith from 2001 Space Odyessey.
10:02 – Logo “N” with wings on both sides.
10:02 – Controller has one screen still. Some grips on the back are new.
10:02 – Official system name is the “Nintendo Phoenix”.
10:02 – Really impressed thus far!
10:03 – Reggie: “We decided on the name our new console the Phoenix, because the name is the manifestation of what we’re trying to accomplish: re-invent the Nintendo brand”.
10:03 – That has me slightly scared but I’m ready for whatever they have next.
10:05 – “Find your origin” is there new tagline. Meaning that the system is intended as a fresh start for “all gamers” from what I’m gathering.
10:05 – Reggie showing off the controller from the trailer.
10:06 – The Phoenix Master Controller. Assuming this is the default controller.
10:06 – Oh, there’s also a Phoenix Pro controller too that looks similar to the Classic Controller. Looks like a HUGE improvement from that, however.
10:07 – “The Phoenix can support four Master Controllers at the same time”. YES!
10:08 – Reggie telling about all the things the Master controller is capable of. All sound pretty standard.
10:09 – …except that you can take it with you wherever you go and play Google apps on it. Guess this technically makes it their smartphone?
10:11 – Off-TV play as well. Sadly, this doesn’t mean you can play Phoenix games with just the controller away from the console. Bummer.
10:14 – Official price: 250GB model with Master controller is $300.
10:14 – 500GB model is $350 and comes with both a Master AND Pro controller
10:15 – Ditto with 1TB model that runs for $400
10:15 – March 28th, 2017. Save the date!
10:15 – Showing the revamped menu system. Seems like an empty platform in the middle of space surrounded by some menus top to bottom. Being described as a “hotel”.
10:16 – “The more data you have on the system the more rooms are added to your menu screen”. Interesting.
10:17 – Master menu can also be skipped altogether by pressing the “Game” button on your controller (either one). Nice feature.
10:17 – Showing some customized themes: one gives it a Mushroom Kingdom makeover. Another gives it a Hyrule Field vibe. These will be sold separately I imagine.
10:19 – Some new changes to accessibility of features.
10:19 – Friend codes are no more! 
10:19 – Now you can just look up someone’s name to add them or join a Miiverse group.
10:20 – Speaking of which Miiverse receiving a significant upgrade in the future.  
10:20 – Master controller has more user friendly options to share photos from games you’ve been playing.
10:21 – You’ll be able to share and record your gameplay with other Miiverse users.
10:21 – Miiverse will ask you which age group you’d want to be associated with to better unite you with players that share common interests.
10:22 – Promise of better privacy and filtering features.
10:22 – Reggie: “The Nintendo Phoenix supports all types of gamers from all different consoles”.
10:23 – Cross play on-line across all systems. It was inevitable.  
10:24 – About time!
10:25 – Discussing about the changes from Wii U to Phoenix 
10:25 – “Moving on from the Wii brand. This is a fresh start”.
10:26 – Seems Wii remotes not compatible anymore, not sure if that pertains to Wii U Classic controllers as well. 
10:26 – Wii U pad compatibility with Phoenix is a definite no from the looks of it.
10:27 – Both Phoenix Master and Pro have built in gyro sensors it seems.  
10:29 – Reggie: “And yes, there is a new handheld system in development”.
10:30 – Meant to both stand alone as a handheld system and to share key features with the Phoenix.
10:30 – Compatible as a Phoenix controller. That’s THREE different controllers now.
10:31 – Select future Phoenix games will feature cross buy so you can play them on the new handheld as well without being near the Phoenix. Nice.
10:33 – That’s it about the handheld. This stream was meant to focus on the Phoenix anyway.
10:34 – “Virtual Console is changing for the better”.
10:35 – If you have VC titles on the Wii U they can be transferred to the Phoenix at no charge.
10:36 – Most if not all VC titles will have cross play with the Master controller and the new handheld. That maybe confirms cross buy with the new handheld as well.
10:37 – Gamecube VC on the way! Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers, and Pikmin will all be available in March.
10:39 - Banjo-Kazooie coming to N64 Virtual Console. Never expected that!
10:40 – Now a developer video talking about the processing power of the Phoenix. Among them are Aonuma, Yuji Naka of Sonic Team, and Michel Ancel of Ubi-Soft. 
10:41 – Apparently it has “one of the most powerful game development tech on the market if not the most powerful tech”. Hmmm, modest words there.
10:42 – Aonuma up now.
10:42 - Breath of the Wind graphics comparison with Wii U and Phoenix. Phoenix version has more subtle polish.  
10:43 – Special 1GB system bundle with game available at launch. Master Controller has Master Sword color pallet, while Pro has the shield symbol.
10:44 – Aonuma thanks for your patience and adds that the game has become even better during the long development time. I think we can all agree on that.
10:45 – Bill Trinen is finally up. 
10:45 – He’s talking about the launch titles like Wii Sports and Nintendo Land that coincided with the console releases.
10:46 – Trailer for the launch game: Miitendo Life.
10:46 – “Interact with other Mii’s from around the world”
10:46 – Reminds me of a Nintendo Sims
10:47 – Showing off some Nintendo inspired mini-games you can play with other people.
10:48 – Mii Tennis is officially back. 
10:48 – “Find Me” makes a return. This time it looks like a Final Fantasy-esk JRPG.
10:49 – Judgement Bay from Tomodachi Life. People from all over the world vote on daily questions it looks like. (Wait…did it just ask about the Presidential election??!?)
10:49 – The game is a combination of games than just Tomodachi Life it seems. Your Mii lives an apartment complex just like in that game, however.  
10:51 – Phoenix will support achievements.
10:51 – Specific achievements unlock themed furniture, apparel, and medals in Miitendo Life as well as Miiverse stamps.
10:52 – Some Zelda swag showing off. Must be achievements from BoTW.
10:53 – Bill taps a Donkey Kong amiibo on the Master controller screen, and a DK costume appears in Miitendo Life.
10:53 – Costumes can be ported to Miitomo
10:55 – Cloud costume shown off in new Find Mii game. This game is insane.
10:59 – Miitendo trailer ends with a scene in which a Mii dressed as Peach kidnaps a Mii dressed in a Link tunic and a Mii Samus has to save them. Yup, insane.
11:01 – Behind the scenes trailer of a new Mario Project now. 
11:02 – “With Mario, we never want to do something trite or obvious, so we’re always pushing ourselves to come up with new and fun ways to reinvent the standard formula”.
11:03 – Sounds like something big is being planned for Mario, but we won’t be seeing it just yet.
11:03 – 2017.
11:05 – Reggie back on talking about the importance of strong third-party support.
11:07 – Square Enix bringing Dragon Quest XI overseas to the Phoenix.
11:08 – Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII remake as well!
11:09 – Promising start with 3rd party titles.
11:10 – Reggie: “Most of all, we absolutely cannot pass on the opportunity to accept exclusive third-party partnerships”. 
11:11 – New game trailer begins. Something by Ubi-Soft.
11:12 – A lone car in a desert landscape. A futuristic city. Scenery is gorgeous.
11:12 – Beyond Good and Evil 2 lives!
11:13 – “Phoenix Exclusive. In development”. Hoy boy, here comes the salt.
11:13 – Beyond Good and Evil HD being released on system release date. Will be a free bonus if you pre-order the sequel.
11:14 – Next trailer by Capcom. "Phoenix Exclusive"
11:14 – Mario Maker? 
11:14 – No…MEGA MAN Maker! 
11:15 – Switch between 8-bit Mega Man and Mega Man X stage creators.  
11:16 – Stages can end with either an enemy, boss, or victory ball. 
11:17 – You can also play as the Robot Masters.
11:17 – Reggie: “Mega Man Maker was perceived around the time when Mario Maker was becoming popular”.  
11:17 – Will have regular updates with new creation tools and playable characters.
11:18 – Available at launch. Looks great!  
11:18 – Another trailer happening now, looks like Street Fighter.
11:19 – “Phoenix Exclusive. In Development”
11:20 – Model of Ryu…has a very clean cel shaded style.
11:20 – Is that Mario?!
11:21 – Capcom vs. Nintendo! Someone has to be trolling this live stream!
11:21 – Yet here it is!
11:21 – Final clip shows Link battling Zero. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH
11:22 – Trailer was very brief, but very satisfying!  
11:22 – Phoenix wins. Playstation NEO go home.
11:23 – The Billster returns. Indie time. 
11:24 – Undertale being ported to Phoenix.
11:25 – Tomba the Badass Elephant too. Was wondering when that game would make it to the Phoenix. 
11:25 – Wayforward working on a new IP for the Phoenix. Shatae ½ Genie also being ported.
11:27 – Super Smash Bros Phoenix – SSBWiiU version with all the DLC included! The rumors were true.
11:28 – Cross-Play with the new handheld in the future.
11:28 – Available on Phoenix launch date.
11:29 – Reggie: “2017 is going to be the biggest year for Nintendo”.   
11:30 – Retro Studios next title be revealed at E3 2016.
11:30 – Awwww… 
11:31 – Masuda takes the stage. New Pokemon game they’ve been working on for the Phoenix for a year.
11:32 – Pokemon Snap 2!!!
11:33 – Use Master Controller as a camera, or use traditional controls.
11:34 – No word if it will include ALL the Pokemon though. That it would make the game massive.
11:35 – More information coming in E3 2017.
11:35 – And we’re off on another trailer.   
11:35 – “Every day is a vacation”.
11:36 – Animal Crossing: Endless Vacation
11:36 – Trailer showing off a lot of new interesting content.
11:37 – “Artifacts” are new collectibles you get in island caves.
11:37 – Caves randomly generate every day. Some even have puzzles.
11:38 – Pockets are MASSIVE now.
11:38 – The best part: it’s a Phoenix Launch title!
11:39 – A bit at the end showing how the series progressed through the years.
11:41 – “Wow, this came out of nowhere!”
11:41 – Platinum Games developing a new Kid Icarus. 
11:42 – Has an Egyptian theme this time around. Really funny quips in the trailer.
11:43 – Small gameplay trailer showing Pit battling Horus.
11:44 – Looks like Dark Pit makes a return.
11:45 – E3 2017 is the magic word.
11:46 – “Our last game”
11:46 – Miyamoto showing off Pikmin 4, finally.
11:48 – “The Phoenix graphical power far surpassed the Wii U’s, so we could really focus on a game that worked consistently well even with more than one player”.
11:49 – Showing off 4-player local co-op: players each use a Master Controller screen to play.
11:50 – New “Shroom Pikmin” with mushroom caps on their heads. Look really cute.
11:50 – “Charged Pikmin” are also new.
11:51 – Full gameplay trailer up now. The setting is in autumn, and the visuals are complementing very nicely.
11:52 – Shroom Pikmin can put some enemies to sleep. They can traverse mud, and you can use their heads as platforms.
11:54 – Charged Pikmin attract metal objects from a distance.
11:55 – The amount of Pikmin you can have in these games now are insane.
11:56 – Trailer ends in a boss fight against a (giant?) crab with metal claws.
11:56 – Available at system launch!
11:57 – Reggie says some closing remarks about the Phoenix.  
11:57 – “Fan feedback and the generous support from third-party publishers is helping us create some of the best production values of any system launch we’ve
11:58 – A montage of games is playing. Some third-party titles including EA’s FIFA and Activision’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare/Skylanders shown off. The new Sonic game too.   
11:58 –Thought I saw a WarioWare in there as well.
11:59 – Finally a collective list of Nintendo Phoenix launch titles. At least 6 titles from Nintendo including Miitendo and the Smash Bros port. Very impressive list.

12:00 – And that’s a wrap. Whoa! Well done, Nintendo, well done. 

So what are your hopes for the NX? Know of a better name for the system? Post in the comments section below, follow us on Facebook, or join our friendly forums to let your voice be heard!

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