Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What Nintendo needs to do (and not do) with the "Nintendo Figurine Platform"

Well, we're just a month away from Nintendo's big "E3" conference and I'm sure everyone is beginning to use their Jedi mind tricks to predict the outcome of the show, so they can complain afterwards that [some title] wasn't shown, yada, yada...yeah I'm not doing that. Sorry, no. What I will be doing, however, is discuss about Nintendo's latest surprise announcement last week: "Nintendo Figurine Platform" which is the company's answer to Skylanderss/Disney Infinitys' buy-expensive-toys-to-unlock-game-content gimmick. Many fans probably reacted to this news with a chorus of "ughhss" and "hell no"s, and rightly so, but note that we haven't seen any of these figurines in action and no tie-in games have been officially announced, so we can't be entirely pessimistic...yet. On one hand, the prospect of collecting video game figurines is enticing, but there is so many directions where this could go sour fast.

"It's-a-me! Your wallet's arch-nemesis!"

So I made it my goal in this blog to name specifically what Nintendo needs to do (and on any accounts, do not do) with the NFP.