Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- November CoroCoro scans

Written by pikaby

Scans from Continuing from October's issue, more Ken Sugimori artwork of the 5th Gen Pokemon have been revealed. This issue filled in many gaps in evolution lines revealed in previous issues, completing them. Not many Pokemon remain to be more should finish the job!

Left, Chobomaki and Agirudaa on top, Shubargo and Kaburumo on the bottom. The evolution method is unique- Kaburumo must be traded with a Chobomaki in order for both to evolve to their final forms. Chomobaki gives its armor shell away to Kaburumo, it seems.
Right, Aakeosu, evolution of the bird fossil, Aaken. Abagoora, evolution of the turtle fossil Protooga.

Oh man, all the Pokemon look so GOOD in their Sugimori art! You gotta love 'em all.

Left, Zuruzukin, evolved form of Zuruggu, the lizard-like Dark/Fighting Pokemon back in October. Iwaparesu (giant rock lobster), evolution of the hermit crab Ishizumai. Doredia (the large flower), evolved from Churine. Erufuun (the cotton sheep), evolved from Monmen. Both Doredia and Erufuun need Sun Stones.

Right, the evolution line of Otomaro, the new tadpole Pokemon. It evolves first into Gamagaru, then into Gamegeroge (follow the arrows on the scan, upwards), gaining a Ground type as it goes up. Roobushin (old man carrying concrete blocks), final evolved form of Gen 5's Machop, Dokkora. Warubiaru, final evolved form of the ground croc, Meguroko.

Bottom block, from left. Shinpora, a Psychic/Flying...thing. Looks like a hieroglyph drawing. Doesn't evolve from or into anything. Yabukuron, the garbage bag Pokemon. Hitomoshi, the cute ghost candle Pokemon. Shibishirasu, the electric eel Pokemon. Pururiru, the Tentacool replacement, with male and female differences. Next, Tesshido, the spike ball Pokemon with a unique type (Steel/Grass), the adorable ice-cream Pokemon Banipucchi, and Koaruhii, pre-evolution of Swanna. Koaruhii aside, the rest of the Pokemon should have their lines completed within another issue, I reckon.

From top. Murando, final evolution of the puppy Pokemon Yorterrie. Daburan, middle form between Yuniran and Rankurusu. Gochimeru, middle form between Gochimu and Gochiruzeru. Pendoraa, final evolved form of the centipede Pokemon Fushide.

Just a little more to go! And then there's the legendary Pokemon that haven't been revealed yet- there's a decent number in Isshu.
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