Monday, November 22, 2010

Scribblenauts FINALLY gets a Japanese release

Written by pikaby

And we thought we were the disadvantaged regions who always get good games later than the Japanese do. Scribblenauts is a rare reversal in fortunes.

It's the original Scribblenauts released ages ago in English, and finally ported to Japan and reincarnated as 'Hirameki Puzzle: Maxwell no Fushigi na Note'. Being in Japanese, we can expect a crazy overhaul of the dictionary and probably some special Japanese objects/stages added in. The logo is also made a tad more charming than the old English Scribblenauts. Are the developers planning to cute up the entire game? Maybe not, but a guy can dream.

Hopefully they can do something about the original's bad touch-screen control instead of porting the whole mess over when Super Scribblenauts already rectified the problem months in advance. It will be out in Japan by the end of January.
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