Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nintendo coming back to CES

Written by pikaby

Quote from the IGN article:

After a 16-year hiatus, Nintendo will be returning to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as an exhibitor in January 2011. It's expected the Nintendo 3DS, which is slated for release in March, will be a major focus for the company as it prepares for a worldwide launch.

"With the gaming market expected to generate $20.3 million in 2010, the International CES is the must-stop hub for innovative gaming products, and will allow CES attendees to experience the future of gaming from an amazing range of innovative companies," said Karen Chupka, senior vice president, events and conferences, CEA.

They're 'back' at the CES? I never even knew they left! Well Nintendo was always notorious for not turning up at most major games conventions outside of E3. 3DS is a pretty significant piece of kit so I see why they'd want to finally lurk out of the shadows to show us stuff. Bring the 3D on!
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