Saturday, October 23, 2010

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle Trailer

Written by pikaby

Lots of Level-5 and Professor Layton to go around this week (it's Level-5's own event, Vision 2010). I've been meaning to post this wonderful trailer a few days ago but was busy. Anyway, here it is.

Layton 5 takes place right after the events of Layton 4 (Specter's Flute) and the movie (Eternal Diva). Him and Luke travel to a city, and some festival is going on. Before they know it, people are being turned into stone from a guy wearing a mysterious mask. Unlike the classics, this doesn't seem to require people to stare into the mask. Some investigations are underway. Layton's past seems to play a big role in this game too, as with Unwound Future, but a much different part of it. Layton is exploring some ancient ruins, but what this all means is still out of our knowledge. The villain scientist from Layton 4, Descole, crops up as the main bad guy here too.

In terms of gaming worlds, Mask of Miracle looks like the prettiest Layton yet. That's a given since it's on the fresh new 3DS. Environments can be viewed in more than one angle instead of just having a static screen, and Layton/Luke/the other NPCs have full cel-shaded 3D models during regular gameplay, which looks irresistable. Kinda like Ninokuni. Puzzles are also rendered in 3D now. Oh, and speaking of puzzles, from the game's release there will be a new downloadable puzzle EVERY DAY for a YEAR. That's 365 extra puzzles! Layton and puzzle fans can die happy now.

Oh, but not until the storyline wraps itself up, since Layton was meant to be a six-game series. This is only the 5th.
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