Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mamanbou is not Luvdisc's evolution

Written by pikaby

Two pink colored, heart shaped fish? Both of them Water type? Mamanbou (right) was long thought to be the evolution of Luvdisc (left), and in hindsight, it really seems to be ridiculous.

Even before Pokemon B/W was released, as soon as the announcement got out that Pokemon B/W would be completely new Pokemon without any use of a single old Pokemon, people should already have understood that the two of them CAN'T be related. Then came the argument that you can catch Mamanbou in the game, and breed to get a Luvdisc.

More proof? Now that the game is out, it's pretty obvious to just try breeding one to debunk the theory, but we have enough evidence even without doing that.

The Pokedex entries. Luvdisc gather around lovers. Mamanbou helps drowning and injured Pokemon back up to shore. Both have completely different behaviors. Luvdisc was based on the discus fish. Mamanbou was based off the ocean sunfish ('manbou' is the Japanese word for ocean sunfish). Different species. You can get Heart Scales from Luvdisc. If Mamanbou really is its evo, there would be no reason why you can't get Heart Scales from it too. But it doesn't have a hold item. Luvdisc's male/female ratio is 1:3. Mamanbou's is 1:1.

I do agree that most of this can only be found out after the game's been released, but when you see people continuing to argue about their relationship long after the game's release, you have to wonder if people do their research or not. Or maybe they really, really want a real Luvdisc evo but didn't get it.

All new Pokemon are better than any new evo to an old Pokemon, anyday.


  1. There are also arguments about a Tauros evo with that bull-with-an-afro thingy.


  2. And Kobaruon with a Heracross pre-evo. Seriously, people are like, desperate to find new connections with old Pokemon for some reason.

  3. maybe mamanbou initially was luvdisc s' evolution, then they changed the things a bit and mamanbou cant' evolve from luvdisc. Isshu is based on New York and America, so is far away from the other regions, so there can't be evolution links. If Isshu was based on a part of Japan, propably now Luvdisc evolves into Mamanbou.

  4. Doesn't explain how National Dex Pokemon can be found in the east side of Isshu after you complete the game though :P Ah well *screws logic and enjoys game*