Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is the 3DS too expensive?

Written by pikaby

Nintendo has always placed family-friendly prices on its consoles. But when the price for the 3DS was announced...well, just have a look at the results of an online poll taken in Japan (source: GoNintendo)

• Slightly Expensive: 32.2 percent (323 replies)
• Expensive: 28.3 percent (284 replies)
• Too Expensive: 19.2 percent (192 replies)
• Reasonable: 16.4 percent (164 replies)
• Slightly Inexpensive: 2 percent (20 replies)
• Inexpensive: 0.9 percent (9 replies)

Not good, Nintendo. You're not going to gain any extra points by making your console cost more. And making it worse is that people feel the price is not justified for the level of technology in the 3DS. Price drop or die.
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