Sunday, October 10, 2010

Looking Back - Puzzle League Express

Written by Pokefreak

Pokefreak here. I got a grand idea for this here blog. Now and then, I'm gonna look into a few games not many people tried or didn't notice. I'll give them a small review and we'll see what you, the fans, think about it. All of these will likely be downloadables or games from years back. So let's start off on a good note with Puzzle league Express on your DSi.

Puzzle League Express is a downloadable DSiWare title made my Intelligent Systems (WarioWare, Fire Emblem) and is produced my Nintendo. It's an ordinary puzzle game where you line up the blocks to make them disappear and get points. Three identical blocks makes them break. Seeing as you can only move blocks horizontally, this adds a step of challenge to the game. There are four modes, Endless, Time Attack, VS CPU and Line Clear. Endless is exactly how it sounds; you break rows and collumns of blocks until you lose. Time Attack is the same thing, but with a two minute time limit. VS CPU is a special mode where you breaks blocks in chains to heighten your opponets stack. And Line Clear sets a line in the stack that you have to clear all the blocks around you.

As some of you might remember, there were two Pokemon Puzzle games like this. Puzzle League on the N64 and Puzzle Challenge on the GameBoy. Puzzle League Express is pretty much the same thing, but without the cool story of the GB game and a few less modes. These aren't big drawbacks, seeing as the game itself is amazingly addictive. Racking up points in a simplistic manner could never be more enjoyable. The music is surprisingly nice and catchy, despite the low amount of it. Controls can be with the stylus or buttons and D-Pad. Normally, the DS is flipped on it's side like Brain Age. But you can play normally too. I'd suggest using the stylus, seeing as you can drag blocks across the screen much faster.

As far a puzzle games go, I think this is one of the best ones out there. And it's only $5! What's better than that!? I'm gonna go ahead and give Puzzle League Express on DSiWare...

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