Sunday, October 3, 2010

Black/White - Kobaruon/Terakion and Sekka's Cave

Written by PF

In Pokemon Diamon/Pearl, we saw Game Freak drop Flash as an HM and replaced it with Defog. Flash became TM70, which could be bought at the Veilstone Department Store. It had one small use in D/P/Pt, then an even smaller use in HG/SS. But in Black/White, two caves use it, and you need the move to get to one of the Legendary Fighting Trio!

First, where to get Flash. You can find TM70 in the Huin City Allerway. Behind the dumpsters, there'll be a man in a suit and shades. He'll give you the TM free of charge. After that, there are two caves to head to.

The first is for the Legendary, Kobaruon. Fighting/Steel. As you travel from Hotomoe City (fifth badge), you can find a cave if you surf to the left instead of going into the electro-magnetic cave. You will need Flash and Strength, so be prepared. Work your way around and you'll find yourself at Kobaruon. It's at Lv.40, so bring plenty of Ultra Balls and Dusk Balls.

After this, you can find Terakion, Rock/Fighting. If you enter Victory Road from the Elite Four room, you can find a small cavern where there was a rock blocking the way. If you have captured/defeated Kobaruon, the rock will be gone and you can find Terakion. Again, Lv.40, so use Ultra/Dusk Balls.

There's a second cave that uses Flash in Isshu. To the west of Sekka Town (where you got your last badge), there's a small cave to the south of the department store. Use Flash and you can see your way around. Unfortunately, that cave is a complete maze and I got lost dozens of times. Think you made it through? Go to our forums and post what you found!

Until next time, Pokefreak113 signing off, saying "Battle carefully, and don't let Plasma win!"


  1. do you need to catch the steel/fighting one before the rock/fighting one? i realy want terakion...

  2. yes u do need to catch the steel/fighting before him and the steel fightings name is cobalion

  3. You need to have encountered it

  4. your mother?