Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pokemon Black/White - The Isshu Tour: Part 1

Written by Pokefreak

Welcome to the Isshu region, the latest, and one of the largest, regions in the world of Pokemon. My name is Pokefreak. I'll be your tour guide for this adventure. The next set of my blog posts will be small walkthroughs about what you can do in the towns, cities and special places, such as caves and forests, across Isshu. Strap in, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Now, let us begin. You'll start off in Kanoko Town, where you get your first Pokemon and have your first two Pokemon battles against your childhood friends. Prof. Araragi's lab is also here, and so are Cheren and Belle's homes. Nothing else really happens in this sleepy little town. Let's move on.

After Route 1, you end up in Karakusa Town. There isn't much special here. Look around, and you might see a weird group of... knights? They're gathered around a man in a cloak and rallying. Eh, nothing to be worried about. That's really the only interesting thing in Karakusa. Let's move on to Sanyou.

Sanyou City is your first important city; it has the first Gym. No matter which Pokemon you picked, you might have some trouble against the Gym Leader...s. Sanyou has three leaders, each using a different monkey Pokemon (Hiyappu, Baoppu and Yanappu, depending on your starter). If you head east of town, you'll have a run in with a few Plasma grunts. Keep looking around and a man will give you a Pokemon. One of the three monkeys Dento, Poddo and Koon use. If you picked Tsutaja, you get Hiyappu (water). Pokabu, Yanappu (grass). Mijumaru, Baoppu (fire). You can use them against the Gym Leaders for an easy win. After getting your badge, you should move on. There's a small cave west of town that Belle asks you and Cheren to go in for some reason. Not much is here. a TM and some wild Pokemon. In dust rustles, you can find wild (and rare) Moguryuu. I'd suggest catching one; they'll be useful later in the game, especially at Raimon City. After finishing your business, head off to the next town.

The second Gym is in a city called Shippou. Luckily enough, it's your next stop. After healing up and catching a few Pokemon, head to the Gym. The Gym is very complex without a decent understanding of katakana. But once you get the hang of it, you're fine. Aloe, the Gym Leader, will show up. She uses Normal-Types, so Fighting-Type moves would help a lot.

You'll come to a forest after your badge. A man who looks like a manly Bugsy (with less purple hair, luckily) will stop you from advancing, so you'll have to explore around a bit. And whaddya know, there are a few Plasma guys running around. Put them in their place. After this, you can head for your next badge. It's in a very familiar town, one that we knew about since day one of Black/White info- Hiun City.

After crossing the gigantic Sky Arrow Bridge, you'll reach Hiun City. Easily the largest city in Isshu, the city has everything. A port, a building for Game Freak, even Pikaby's apartment where he lives with Crossburn. But none of these are important. You'll wanna head straight for the Gym. Take the farthest right road into town and- it's being blocked by a man. Great... Head to the southern-most port area in the city. You'll see Man Bugsy, Belle and a young girl/old man (depends on your version). After talking to them, head to a building in the same area as the Gym. Plasma will fight you, blah blah blah. After this whole ordeal, head to the Gym. It's filled with honey walls and switches. At the end, Man Bugsy will fight you. Using Bug-Type, it's best to go for Flying or Fire-Type moves. If you picked Tsutaja as a starter, you're gonna have some trouble. You can find wild Darumakka (Hihidaruma's pre-evo) just north of town. They practically come with Fire Punch, so I'd recommend getting one. After getting your badge, head north to Raimon City. That's where your next Gym is... and our next installment!
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