Friday, October 8, 2010

The Isshu Region Tour: Part 2

Written by Pokefreak

Welcome back to the fantastic region of Isshu. Pokefreak here again, ready to bring you back to the newest area in all of the Pokemon world. Let's get going!
After being done in Hiun City, you'll head off to Raimon City. It's one of the most advanced cities in Isshu, next to Hiun. It's in the direct center of the region, just south of the High Link. There's one Plasma Grunt to take down, then you can do a bit of exploring. You can't travel to the east of town until after the Elite Four. The Pokemon Musical is also here and there's a ferris wheel where you can battle Trainers daily. Your first Trainer to fight... Mystery Person N! Take him out and now head for the Gym. It's right beside the ferris wheel. The Gym Leader, Kamitsure, uses Electric-Types as her forte. She has two Emonga, which are Electric/Flying. And her strongest, a Zebraika, knows a Fire-Type attack similar to Flame Wheel. So Grass isn't the best choice. Ground witha hint of Rock will surely take her down. After that, head to the west. Your next town is Hotomoe City.

Hotomoe doesn't have very much that's special. There's a factory area south of town (which you'll have to head to first) and a completely iced-over building. Wild Pokemon can be found in it, which is pretty useful, considering the fact that Hotomoe's Gym uses Ground-Types. Head there after you're finished up. The Gym's rather complex; it's based on a mine, but the platforms either head down or up. And the girders you can walk on are often blocked by Trainers or the next platform. As you make your way through, you'll find the Gym Leader. As before, he uses Ground-Type. His first two should be no problem, but his strongest, a Doryuzuu, will lose it's weakness against Ice. Fire can be useful if you're feeling risky, but I'd stick to Water-Types. After the battle, head to the east and follow the path northwards.

You'll reach the electro-magnetic cave. It's blocked off by something, but the Gym Leader you just beat will open it up for you. And he'll give you a TM that he forgot about back at the Gym. As you head through, the first thing you'll notice is your pal from Raimon City, N. You won't battle him right away. He'll head deeper into the maze. Belle and Prof. Araragi will show up and talk to you, but it's nothing major. Head after N and make your way through the cave. It's filled with Rock-Types, of course. But this is also the only cave in Isshu where you can find the Pokemon Gear. It's also pretty rare in the cave. It can learn a variety of moves, despite having some unlucky stats. I'd suggest you catch one (since it can learn some good Electric-Type moves) or some Rock-Type while you're in here. You'll need it for your next Gym battle. As you make your way through, you'll soon catch up with N. His team will have changed drastically, but he should be no stronger than any of the Trainers you faced in the cave. Take him out and head to the exit. Welcome to Fukiyose City.

The first thing you'll notice in this small city is that there's a huge airline runway in it. North of it is the Gym. However, it's being blocked off by an old man, claiming the Gym Leader isn't there. Since there's not much else in town, head north and check out the local tower. Similar to Mt. Pyre in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, there are tons of... *shudders* Ghost-Types hanging around. Trainers here will use Ghost, Psychic or Dark Pokemon, so it's best to be prepared with a few Bug and Ghost moves. At the very top, you'll find the Gym Leader, Fuuro. She'll ask you to ring the huge bell. Do so, and she'll head back to the Gym. Now you can fight her. Her Gym is rather confusing; you have to use large cannons to maneuver yourself through it. Once you've made it to her, have a Rock or Electric-Type Pokemon ready; She uses Flying-Types. She doesn't pose much of a threat. She should be pretty easy. After gaining your badge and TM, head out to Sekka Town. I'll meet you guys there!

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