Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nintendo hardware bonanza

Written by pikaby

Three pairs of new hardware coming soon by Nintendo!

First up, the ones everyone were expecting- DSis with the newest Pokemon mascots Reshiram and Zekrom emblazoned on them. It's almost taboo to have a set of Pokemon RPGs without accompanying special consoles. The white one comes with Pokemon White, and the black one comes with Pokemon Black. No color confusion this time.

Secondly, the new Wiimote Plus won't be bundled right away with Flingsmash, but with Wii Sports Resort first, on November 11th in Japan, and it comes in an ultra-cool aqua blue. Bundled with WSR, but there's not much point when everyone and their moms already own WSR. Sell the disc on eBay, keep the Wiimote Plus. It's more convenient than having an extra lump that de-synches every ten seconds. Really.

And finally, 25th anniversary Mario Red Wii! It comes preloaded with a special version of the original Super Mario Bros. as a Virtual Console game. How special? Check out the shot below:

25. Um...yeeeeah. Interestingly enough there are finally at least three official colors of Wii, after four years of nothing but sterile white. Isn't it a bit too late?
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