Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pokemon B/W- Borutorosu

Written by pikaby

Right when I was heading to Route 10, the receptionist told me of extreme weather in Route 7. Naturally of course, I hurried over. *beware spoilers*

This is epic. One of the biggest thunderstorms ever seen in a Pokemon game was brewing. I've kept myself relatively spoiler-free as far as legendaries are concerned, so I had no idea what was going on (just the way it should be). I thought it was Zekrom wanting to pick a fight, but it wasn't that significant an event. Turns out the crazy storm was the work of one of the ridiculous-looking thunder god trio, Borutorosu (the blue-colored one, Electric/Flying type)

He roams around Isshu in the evenings, scaring children and stealing money (okay, I made that second part up). You can't view his 'nest' in the Pokedex like you always do for roaming Pokemon, instead you have to refer to the weather news on LED noticeboards in the route-city gateways, which will tell you which route's been experiencing unusual weather. That's where the ugly mutha is. Go there before it runs away again, and capture as normally as you would an Entei, Raikou or Suicune.

Still loving that beautiful storm, by the way. It makes it really, really easy to know for sure whether he's there or not.

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