Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby Controller for Babysitting Mama?

Written by pikaby

Wait, what? This is insanity. I can't believe I didn't see this before.
Babysitting Mama is due out next month for Wii, and together with it comes a perfectly adorable baby plush, but its purpose is less than holy. The baby plush isn't just for decoration- it's like a giant glove for your Wiimote. You stuff the Wiimote into the baby, and the wire connecting it to the Nunchuk (outside the baby) comes out from the plush like a creepy umbilical cord.

The Wiimote in the screenshot looks like it's crammed up the baby's ass, but don't be alarmed. Few videos show that the Wiimote actually fits into the baby's back. Watch a few E3 videos and you'll notice that the baby plush, with extra motion sensor included, let's you cradle and move the baby around together with the on-screen baby, like you're doing it to the real thing (real babies can be a lot messier and grumpier than this, I swear).

Creative, cute, and crazy. In this day and age, Babysitting Mama isn't going to sell a terrible number of units, but at least the idea's novel.

Oh, and the trailer will either charm you or put you off Cooking Mama games for life.

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