Monday, October 4, 2010

Pokemon B/W and the Internet

Written by pikaby

When the Pokemon Global Link website opened its doors to Pokemon Black/White players on September 18th, it was gatecrashed and overloaded within half a day, forcing the site to immediately close again (witness the power of Pokemon fans). Today's October 4th, the day the Global Link recovers from its initial shock. And we finally get to take a gander at the features on offer!

The main attraction, the Dream World, won't be open until next week, so boo for that. You can still put your Pokemon to sleep and upload them to the Net for other stuff. Once you make a Pokemon Daisuki account and sync your Game ID to Pokemon Global Link, it can keep track of how far you've gone in the game, your play time and how many badges you have too (creepy).

I sent Tabunne online and used the Customize feature to change the skin of my C-Gear and Pokedex cover (by sending Tabunne back down after I made changes here). What were once plain designs now have Pokemon pictures on them. Wanna see?

You can even download new shows for Pokemon Musical there, and later on, box wallpapers. This has to be the best online content I've ever seen in a Pokemon game, and all is done by means of your game ID. Sounds flimsy, but it works so well you'll wonder who came up with this stuff.

You can have a profile on Pokemon GL, customize your avatar, add friends, and go to Global Battle Union (GBU) to check on rankings and battles people have won or lost. Monitor your own ranking too (raise this by going to Random Match in your game).

Since all this will be open to all players worldwide, I guess the Pokemon Daisuki Club account won't come into play anymore when Pokemon B/W is released in the US.

You can view the website here. Due to still lingering server constraints though, you can only play in Pokemon GL for an hour a day if you're logged in, and you can send Pokemon to the Dream World only once a day. I'm pretty sure this will be fixed in the coming days. Can't wait to try out Dream World next week!
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