Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pokemon Dream World shots

Written by pikaby

Within the span of two weeks I've sent quite a few of my most favorite Pokemon up to the Dream World. Here's pictures of them lounging in their rooms.

Rankurusu~ Cutest Gen 5 Pokemon ever. He looks even cuter in the Dream World. Never expected him to be this big though- he covers up the Treasure Box in the background!

Chirachiino, another cutie. Note that I've started amassing berries to decorate the bland-looking room. Pokeball chair in the corner, underneath the Dream Catalog.

The only non-Gen 5 Pokemon I've sent into the Dream World thus far, Cleffa!

I've also sent Victini up, though I haven't taken a picture of that. He's really small though, a bit like Cleffa's height. And, of course, Emonga, my first session in Global Link.

I have about 700 Dream Points so far. Getting them is hard, and you need a lot of them to unlock hidden content in Dream World. And the one-hour limit isn't helping. Oh well, what can you do.
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