Friday, October 15, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- October CoroCoro update

Written by pikaby

The game's been completely torn apart from day one, but Nintendo still has the obligation of showing us official art of their latest Pokemon. Among them, these three handsome blokes shown above.

The final evolved forms of the three Isshu starters are in this scan. Jyaroda for the grass line, Enbuoh for the fire line, and Daikenki for the water line (*points to self* proud owner of one). Their art was actually leaked last month but reports were rife that they were fake. Until the game came out.

A story-related scan about the 3rd Gym Leader, Arty (who uses Bug-type Pokemon) and on the opposite page, a picture of Geechisu, Team Plasma's leader.

This is about Raimon City and its Gym Leader, Kamitsure (Electric type). Some of the attractions in this carnival city and the twin Subway Masters are here too. Wait, TWIN  subway masters? Okay, this is cool.

Yanakki, Hiyakki and Baokki, the evolutions of the three elemental monkeys, officially get real art. 37 Pokemon are shown this month.

Woo, dying of Pokemon oversaturation here. Left: Nageki and Dageki, the two Judo Pokemon. Hahakomori, the final form of the silkworm Kurumiru. Chirachiino, Chillarmy's evo. Zebraika, Shimama's(the zebra)  evo. Kurumayu, the middle stage of the silkworm. Dokkora, the 5th gen's Machop equivalent.

Right: Kokoromori, Koromori's evo. Dotekkotsu, Dokkora's evo. Otomaro, 5th gen's Poliwag/Quagsire. Then the three starters show up again.

Left: Ishizumai, a hermit crab Pokemon with a rock instead of a shell. Marakachi, a cactus Pokemon that doesn't evolve. Desumasu, which evolves into Desukaan, the coffin Pokemon. Kurimugan, a ragged Dragon Pokemon that doesn't evolve. Male and female Kenhorou plus Hatopoo, the final and middle evolution of Mamepato, the Pidgey equivalent.

Right: Fushide, a centipede Pokemon, which evolves into the Pokemon below it, Hoiiga. Darumakka, pre-evo of Hihidaruma. Leopardas, evolution of Choroneko, the black cat. Gantoru, middle evo between Dangoro and Gigaiasu, the Geodude equivalent. Zuruggu, a Dark/Fighting type with loose pants. Hahderia, Yorterrie's evo (the small dog).

Left: Protooga and Aaken, the two fossil Pokemon of Gen 5. One's a turtle and the other's a bird. Yuniran and Gochimu, the first forms of Rankurusu and Gochiruzeru. Cute as ever, these two.

Right: Onondo, the middle evo of Kibago and Ononokusu, the dragon Pokemon line. Warubiru, Meguroko's evo (the desert croc). Kumashun, the baby polar bear with a drippy nose. Bachuru, Denchura's pre-evo (electric spider).

Many evolution lines are being filled in more and more. Hopefully the entire Isshu Dex will have official art soon!

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  1. *Spoiler* Geechisu is never the leader of Team Plasma, the mysterious youth, N is. Geechisu is just using him for his personal gains.