Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Best 5 Mario Galaxy 2 Moments

Written by pikaby

Don't ask what kept me, but I've only just barely, finished playing Super Mario Galaxy 2. Each and every galaxy had me in awe. No idea was recycled. Nothing felt like I had done it before. Galaxy 2 feels new from the start to the very end. And of course, picking out five of my top moments has to be one heck of a task, but here I go.

5. Flying Fluzzard down the Fleet Glide Galaxy

It's nothing different from the Wild Glide Galaxy, but the crumbling environments and epic music did it for me. Wild Glide was more simple-looking and looked very similar to Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (if you squint a lot). Also one of the more challenging courses to pass.

4. Rhythm platforming, taken to a new level

Disappearing platforms have never been this fun. I was genuinely taken by surprise when I found out the blocks appeared and disappeared to the tap of the beat of the background music (Beat Block Galaxy). The Wiimote even makes sounds to remind you of the rhythm! Epic. Oh, and there's this one galaxy where the gravity shifts from up to down, then up again, to the beat of the song too (Rightside Up Galaxy). There's another example of the same beat-based platforming being used too, and it's just as clever as the other two (Flash Black Galaxy).

3. Flipping platforms in Boo Moon Galaxy

Forget that crescent moon platform- everyone knows your first impression of the Boo Moon Galaxy was engraved in your mind when you saw the [b]entire land mass fold sideways and upside-down[/b]. That was seriously some good design there. And the final room, where the room changes from being a pop-up book to flat ground and back every twenty seconds? Very clever indeed.

2. Swimming in floating, moving water in Cosmic Cove Galaxy

I love water stages (if I don't have to fight any bosses in it). Know what makes water stages even more awesome? Water floating in midair. And blocks of moving water which you can swim through. This thoroughly abstract defiance of physics is always my favorite one. It's not a new idea, I've seen it before in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat(GC/Wii) and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror(GBA). But floating water is always welcome in my book.

1. Seeing the sunrise in Slimy Spring Galaxy

And the best moments are always the simplest of pleasures. No head-twisting, gravity-defying twist can beat the reward of reaching the end of a long watery, soggy stage to see the sunrise (and due to the dreary nature of the rest of the galaxy, this was completely unexpected) . The music even dims out to amplify the effect, and the Power Star is there, waiting for you to grab. Beautiful.

Which parts of Galaxy 2 did you find the most enjoyable?

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  1. Great List! There are so many wonderful moments in Galaxy 2.