Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- Combined moves

Written by pikaby

Now this is a prospect that's getting me very, very excited. In CoroCoro Special, released today, some moves used together in double and triple battles will produce combined, secondary effects in battle. This means when two moves are used by two different Pokemon, something else will happen. With so many different moves around, the possibilities are endless! What could they possibly come up with next?

The examples here are of three new moves, called Grass Oath, Fire Oath and Water Oath (all three are learnt by their respective Isshu starter-mon). Using Grass Oath followed by Fire Oath produces a field of fire that damages your opponents (produce the greenery, then burn it). Fire Oath first, then Water Oath creates a rainbow in the sky which boosts the secondary effects of your teammates' attacks (shoot fire, wet it, produce steam, then rainbow!) Instant Serene Grace effect, plus a nice little rainbow on screen (chack the scan). Using Water Oath followed by Grass Oath creates a wetland field that lowers your opponent's speed (wet the ground, throw greenery on it, wetland!).

Very, very nice. Can't wait to see more of this!
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