Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pokemon Black/White New Pokemon! 7 Part 2

Written by pikaby

Updates coming in fast as the August CoroCoro is being torn apart three days before official publication date!

None of the Pokemon shown are completely new (yet), but they're close ups of Pokemon we saw in screenshots but never up close. Case in point- derpy-looking mole Pokemon Moguryuu finally has official art, as shown above.

Mamanbou's face is finally shown, while the worm Pokemon is named, Kurumiru. It's a Bug/Grass type. GREAT. No annoying Poison type to ruin the early game! Also, it's not confirmed that Mamanbou is Luvdisc's evolution (remember what Junichi Masuda said about the games being all-new?), but it's being spread around as usual. Shikijika has no relation to Stantler anymore, that's for sure.

A few more Pokemon are shown, but without visual evidence as of yet. The swan Pokemon has been named though. Swana (feeling original, aren't they?) is a Water/Flying type, much like Pelipper.

Also, Pokebeach revealed a few more plot bits. The hometown of your character is Kanoko Town, and the first Gym Leader, Dento, will be fought in Sanyo City. Aloe is the second Gym Leader (the fat lady from earlier) and as mentioned before, is fought in Shippou City. You'll meet Team Plasma in somewhere called Karakusa Town.

I'll post more later as they come!

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