Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- All-new Pokemon really is all-new

Written by pikaby

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There shall be no old Pokemon in Pokemon Black/White.

I think this should go without saying, but of all the positive changes Game Freak has made to Pokemon Gen 5 thus far, this....this is the best one they've ever pulled off. No more Zubats in caves, no more Tentacools in the sea, no more Magikarp bothering your fishing rod. No more using Machop as the HM slave. If you miss the old Pokemon you can trade them over after you reach the ending, but from the start of the game until that point it's going to be completely fresh, completely new. Truly magical. THANK YOU.

Okay, so it does have a few drawbacks....Pokemon's most popular mascot, Pikachu, won't be in the game. And this also ends the trend of inventing new baby Pokemon/new evolutions (I guess they did realize that they went overboard with this during the Diamond/Pearl generation). And no more Ditto too. How the heck will I breed Pokemon without Ditto? (read: is lazy)

Now to start hating on the replacement super-common annoying Pokemon.
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