Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- New Pokemon! 7

Written by pikaby

Right on the day I come back from my short vacation, before I know it it's mearly August 11. CoroCoro day. Also, new generation 5 Pokemon day. No high quality scans yet, but prepare to get excited for Pokemon Black/White, again, one last time before its release next month.

Pokemon number 1 is above, the Flying Squirrel Pokemon, Emonga. Is obviously not related to Pachirisu in any way ever. It's type is Electric/Flying, and continues the 'cute Lighting-type mascot' trend to Gen 5. Pikachu, Pichu, Plusle/Minun, Pachirisu, and now this.

Next up is the Pokemon that's been in several pictures but never revealed in full up till now, Gigiasu. Now confirmed to be a pure Rock type, a rarity in the playing field.

Third to be seen is in this screenshot, a Pokemon called Darumaaka. It's possibly Hihidaruma's pre-evo.

Fourth up, another major aesthetic twist in the Pokemon game, the addition of the four seasons, which will follow the seasons in real time, and will change every three months, a la Animal Crossing/Tomodachi Collection. Finally! This change hits closer to home, as one Pokemon's appearance changes with the seasons. Shikijika, take center stage!

In spring, the little deer Pokemon (which is Normal/Grass type, by the way) will have a Shellos-impersonating shade of pink on its body, but that changes as the season swaps for summer, autumn and winter. Shikijika will change its body color to green, orange and brown for these seasons. Wonder if the season changes will affect the power of its attacks? Tantalizing thought.

And while we're on the topic, why not have Pokemon exclusive to seasons? Not the Isshu Dex Pokemon though- people wouldn't want to wait a whole year before finally nabbing the last Gen 5 Pokemon. I'm talking about the 493 Pokemon before it. That would work out, since catching and training all 493 is a pretty hefty task, and having one year go full circle before you 'catch em all' sounds sensible. Do it, Game Freak.

One last detail not related to new Pokemon too. Seems Gym Leaders and their death-trap Pokemon Gyms are confirmed to be making a comeback.

The *ahem* pudgy-looking woman from a week back, called Aloe, is confirmed to be the Gym Leader of a place called Shippou City. Something new happens when you beat a Gym Leader in Pokemon B/W, what that is I don't know, but once the paragraph of text in the top left corner of this scan becomes readable I'll update.
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