Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wi Tablet

Written by pikaby

And on this week's episode of WTF Wii accessories....
It looks like a professional-grade job, something Nintendo would've easily pulled off had it found the motivation and mass appeal for drawing and painting applications on the Wii. But it's not by Nintendo. It's by THQ, the mediocre 3rd-party publisher that rarely gets any good hits on the console.

To be honest, the tablet, although will probably be used only with a couple of casual games (including the packed-in uDraw Studio), doesn't look like complete garbage, and if allowed to reach its full potential, could be an interesting experiment. The Wiimote fits snugly on the side and after doing that you can scribble on the tablet.

It's pricey, at $70. Which is a shame if it doesn't get any good compatible games.
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