Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My first Level 100 Pokemon, just today!

After 10 years since I started playing Pokemon, finally, FINALLY I get one of them bloody critters to the highest possible level by my own training. It's a Shiny Togekiss! Before you call hax, I only hacked the aesthetic parts. The shininess and Cherish Ball are of course, hacked.  The level, moves, nature, EVs, IVs and ability are NOT hacked. I trained this thing on my own till it was Level 100. Of course, I put in full EVs on Sp. Attack. That's the highest I've ever seen it go! (I don't train Alakazam, and my Porygon-Z's nature doesn't favor Sp.Atk, so don't get me started)

My other closest attempts at getting a Pokemon to Level 100:

Pokemon Crystal: Played till I reached and beat Red, my Feraligatr was Level 86. Then I got bored.
Pokemon Sapphire: Swampert was Level 88. I showered so much love on him too, he has like 26 contest ribbons and other miscellaneous ribbons on him. I even traded him to my Pearl version hoping to finally get him to Lv100, but didn't.
Pokemon Platinum: Got my Empoleon to a whopping Level 96, Manaphy to Level 91 and Porygon-Z to 93. I was genuinely thinking that I could create a Level 100 team this time. Then Soul Silver came out. Crap. Maybe I'll trade Empoleon over.

Anyway *phew*. Now to put Togekiss into my special Pokemon Box and call it a job well done.
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