Sunday, August 8, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature- August 8, 2010

Written by pikaby

It's regular flipnote updates week! What flips will we see today?

First up, an old favorite which has seen several identical spinoffs by people vying for stars...urgh. Wade through all the cloners and eventually you'll arrive at the original flipnote, made by Gaige. It's a DSi re-creation of the old internet video where Luigi gets stoned to death by a Hammer Bro, then is revived by a 1-Up mushroom, then killed again, then revived again.....You get the same feeling when you're working all day. Anywas, for a kick-ass job, Gaige gets the most rewards than his wannabes. L&H was given more than 44000 yellow stars and more than 5 green stars.

You can watch it here:

Or hit this on your DSi: L L R B Y Y R B right Y

It's unlocked, so if you decide to spin it off remember to give credit~

Now for the next one!

One of those stick-man comedy sketches made by the same Japanese guy who uses the Mario Galaxy music in all of his flips. This one's good- I can't believe I haven't featured it yet. It's about a guy wrangling to get his favorite drink out of a stubborn vending machine. And you thought vending machines that eat money were bad. Imported by the prizefighter Daas for our easy viewing.

You can watch it here:

Or here on your DSi: B L left A right R down R down right

And now for the third flipnote!

Made by weegeefreak on Flipnote Hatena and currently doing the rounds on the Most Popular page is this dancing Stormtrooper flipnote. It's based off the Youtube video of the exact same thing, though I say, I'm impressed. You'd have to take a billion photos to string them together all so nicely. The Youtube original's here, if anyone wants it. Because it's so damn hilarious, the flip has so far gained more than 300,000 stars.

You can watch the dancing Stormtrooper here (on Hatena, not Youtube!)

Or type this in to your DSi: B X R L right left Y B Y up

This is one of those flips where the creator doesn't mind it being spun-off, so go ahead and do it if you so please. He's probably pretty pleased and satisfied with his 300k haul, haha.

Alright, I'm gonna go prepare another bunch for next week's feature, so see you on the next frame!
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