Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- Yanappu

Written by pikaby

Broccoli-head finally gets a name, official art, and confirmation that it isn't fake.

Officially, this guy is called Yanappu (ヤナップ), the Grass Monkey Pokemon. It's owned by someone in the Pokemon Best Wishes anime. Speculation points to it being Dento, the first Gym Leader, which would also make him a Grass-type Gym Leader. Gosh. Players who pick Mijumaru as their starter are so screwed (me included).

This is what Yanappu looks like, in non-chibi form. A lot less threatening, no? Its type is pure Grass, and its ability is Gluttony. It has a move called Acrobat, that alloows it to break the whole point of having positions in triple battles and be able to hit whoever he so pleases on the opponents team, even if its outside the normal range. In the video, it dealt super-effective damage to Tsutaaja, meaning it's either a Flying-type move, a Bug-type move, or an Ice-type move (not likely).

Anyway, it doesn't look too bad, right? Not ugly, and doesn't make us want to hate Pokemon upon first sight. But it's not like we have any shortage of monkeys in the Pokemon world. Guess the number of unused animals in Pokemon is growing less by the day.

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