Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things you don't know about Isiah 'Triforce' Johnson

From GoNintendo

- Triforce actually had the word 'Triforce' added to his real name, legally making him Isaiah-Triforce Johnson <----EPIC. FREAKING. WIN.
- Triforce waited outside of Times Square Toys “R” Us for nine straight days to be the first to buy a Wii
- Triforce heads home for a couple of hours every day to clean up and get a bite to eat
- Triforce has to leave the Best Buy and set up camp outside every night
- Triforce is actually a professional gamer, which is how he can take off of work for events like this
- Triforce has appeared on a few MTV reality shows and is featured prominently in a new documentary film called King of Chinatown, all for his gaming
- Why Triforce is out in line when he already has a 3DS preorder: “Out of a tradition I gotta keep, I gotta stand first in line. Think of it like a war game.”
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