Monday, September 19, 2011

Nintendo 5-Star 2011 SummerCon final report

Yep I know. Long overdue because of the blog hiatus, but let's put this out for posterity's sake before I move back into making blog posts.
Although some events failed to take off, like johnny's N5S Adventures which came to an abrupt stop after team members were stalled dead cold by an army of goblins, and DG's Chronologica which never went anywhere, there were a handful of great activities.

The Posting Contest this year is more organized and tame this year, focusing more on the Garden of Sinners and less spam outside of it, and most discussion topics on the Gaming boards remained on-topic though there is obviously increased activity. A new record of an amazing 969 posts during the one week contest was set by johnny139, decimating the previous gold medal holder TheFreakyManga's record by nearly double.

The Video Game Survivor by toadster101 started quite late this year for collection of participants, and managed to scrounge up 16 to start and is still ongoing. It is now at its 7th week and going pretty strong. Rumble Writers by Crossburn saw very few participants, but those that did join put out a lot of good entries. The User War Meme Edition II by CRAZ1ah saw its best year yet, with a large majority of the 15 participants remaining active for the most part of the game, and up to an amazing 9 actions in a single day! For the first time the war ended within 50 days, a speed that has not been reached before. The Game Quiz had 5 participants this year, same as the last year with a few new twists including the bonus questions.

Unexpected surprises included johnny139's N5S Fanfest, where everyone had to download an N64 emulator and a ROM of Paper Mario to play from start to finish, and complete objectives set by johnny himself to gain points. Everyone involved managed to pass the minimum limit to complete the game and it was a rousing success. The other event that wasn't in the initial calendar is EggBeatr8's 'What is this I don't even' Game, which runs for 5 weeks starting in mid-August and is still on right now!

About 25 members including mods received access to Prize Room 1's free gifts, the highest in any SummerCon ever. Overall, it's going to be hard trying to top this year's event, and the only way I can see this being taken to even greater heights is if we had a lot more active members. Hope we can reach that target by June next year!


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