Friday, January 20, 2012

Future Zelda Games We'd Hope To See.

What's in store for the next Zelda? 

A new Zelda game is always great news to cheer about. The time in between then...well, it's just speculations, rumors, and unfortunately a few hoaxes here and there. We can't say for certain what the next Zelda will be for certain, but we sure hope a future Zelda title will be along the lines of... 

Wii U/3DS Four Swords: It's been over 6 years since a new Four Swords games has been released, which is quite odd when you think about it. With today's wireless tech you'd think the Wii would've been a great candidate for the game, but alas it never came to the system. And then came the rumors of the Wii U's screen pad controller, and we thought for 100% certainty that a four Swords would be announced for this new system. E3 came, no Four Swords. All we got was a port of the GBA Four Swords that was originally included with Link to the Past. Which isn't bad, but a Wii U-to-3DS Four Swords would be amazing. With the Wii U's best gen graphics, this could look like one of the best 2-D games ever made. If a Four Swords isn't announced next E3, you'll be sure to know that I'll be the one scratching his head. 

8-bit Zelda: I'm putting on my "nostalgia glasses" for this one. Hey, if Mega Man can go 8-bit so can Zelda! Take me back to the glory days, Nintendo! I want to do everything that modern Zelda games do: ride Epona through a broad overworld, travel from dark to light worlds, and upgrade my weapons via RPG style! But, of course, if you don't want to, Nintendo that's alright with me... (you could always make an 8-bit Super Mario Bros. 4 instead. *hint, hint*) 

Tetra's own adventure: In Wind Waker, Tetra was the sarcastic (but secretly nice) pirate, helping Link throughout his quest, and shocking players by being revealed as the direct bloodline of Zelda. But the rest of Tetra's backstory is a mystery. That's where a spin-off would come in: you'd play as Tetra the pirate as she forms her own group of sailors, and travels the seas looking for treasure. The game will explain more details about Tetra, give in def backstories about her crew, explain how she obtained the Triforce of Wisdom, and give a more clear link (pun not intended) of Ocarina of Time to the Wind Waker series. And how many modern games let you play as a pirate? We need more pirates!  

A cross-over: Yes, I'm treading territory that will get me flamed, but there needs to be at least one cross-over! Mario and Zelda? Dynasty Warriors and Zelda? Final Fantasy Zelda? Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Zelda???? 

....Okay, maybe I'll let Nintendo decide what the next Zelda will be.

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