Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pokemon Black and White 2 Trailer revealed + new info!

Hey all you Trainers! Here's the new trailer for Pokemon B/W2 as shown on Nintendo Direct yesterday:


Never have we seen third Pokemon iterations look so different! For those that couldn't watch the video, here's what you can expect in the months to come (as shown so far): 

-The game's plot line is a (direct?) continuation of the first Pokemon Black and White games.

-The game will be set in a new starting point in Hiogi City, and you'll be able to play as one of two new protagonists.

-Gyms will receive complete overhauls, and some Gym Leaders are being replaced by new trainers.

-The game will boast the Pokedex count to 150 Pokemon from past Gens.

-The games are slated for a June 23 release in Japan, and will arrive in North America and Europe this fall.

Stay tuned for much more news on these games as we head into Summer, right here on Nintendo 5-Star!


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