Thursday, May 17, 2012

New alternate Legendaries + New Black 2/White2 news!!!

Things just keep getting weirder. 
It looks like Kyurem isn't the only Pokemon in Black 2/White 2 getting an alternate make-over: Legendary cloud trio Thundurus, Landurus and Tornadus are getting female alternative forms! (Beautiful aren't they?) You can catch these beauties in the 3DS exclusive Pokemon AR Searcher, which will be released sometime this Summer.
And if thought that was all, you've seen nothing yet. Here's more information concerning the new Pokemon games:  
-Pokemon Musical replaced by Pokewood; where you can battle Gym leaders from past Pokemon games!  
-Cheren is rumored to be a Gym Leader. 
-New evil team has been rumored. 
Whoa! This is shaping to be the best new Pokemon iterations yet!


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